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How to use online Backups?    0  341
How to generate OIDS    0  323
How to customize error conditions.    0  265
How to create an external table.    1  802
Write short notes on manual refreshes.    0  626
Write the difference between case version and decode version.    2  900
Explain the family trees and connection by clause.    1  903
How to replace not in with not exist?    0  219
How to use timestamp datatypes    0  187
How to combine two function together?    0  423
Explain about query and reporting.    0  405
To convert IDMS to DB2, how to deal with IDMS occurs and redefined clause?    0  700
What is DB Development software?    0  320
Does QTP Support the Propjects which are running in Dot Net? As we are starting with new project in Dot net need to use automation tool?Please advice & let me know what would be the best.    0  364
Hi my program is accesing data from two db2 databases.what is the bind card for this program to genarate plan? how to specify the two owners and two qualifiers in bind card tcs   0  377
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Un-Answered Questions
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How to read and create .LDC data files which are used by linguatic dictionary. 396
In which table collections errors are stored. 283
How to use online Backups? 341
Can you have a nested transaction? 403
How to customize error conditions. 265
I have a few records all are same structures data, I want to store data in multiple targets how 318
How to use timestamp datatypes 187
How to combine two function together? 423
1. Using the XML Document below, with the URI “recipe.xml” define the following queries in XQuery: a.) Give the names of all breakfast in the menu. b.) Select breakfasts that have price lower than $7.00? <?xml version="1.0"?> <breakfast_menu> <food> <name>Belgian Waffles</name> <price>$5.95</price> <description> two of our famous Belgian Waffles with plenty of real maple syrup </description> <calories>650</calories> </food> <food> <name>Strawberry Belgian Waffles</name> <price>$7.95</price> <description> light Belgian waffles covered with strawberries and whipped cream </description> <calories>900</calories> </food> <food> <name>Berry-Berry Belgian Waffles</name> <price>$8.95</price> <description> light Belgian waffles covered with an assortment of fresh berries and whipped cream </description> <calories>900</calories> </food> <food> <name>French Toast</name> <price>$4.50</price> <description> thick slices made from our homemade sourdough bread </description> <calories>600</calories> </food> <food> <name>Homestyle Breakfast</name> <price>$6.95</price> <description> two eggs, bacon or sausage, toast, and our ever-popular hash browns </description> <calories>950</calories> </food> </breakfast_menu> 397
There is a trigger defined for INSERT operations on a table, in an OLTP system. The trigger is written to instantiate a COM object and pass the newly insterted rows to it for some custom processing. What do you think of this implementation? Can this be implemented better? 352
fact table and dimension table containg one to many relationship or many to one relastionship 346
Pgm A calls Pgm B and pgm B uses cursor, when pgm B is called second time, the program is abending saying the cursor is opened? Why? 366
Hi , any one can help me on the same,this is regarding the Informatica Function doc,i want to know how developer is will develop the mapping. pl forwar the any function doc .just for my references. 382
What is normalization? Explain different levels of normalization? 26580
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