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Which transaction do you use to do classification on R/3 for BW?    1  1012
How do you start change run?    2  1852
What transaction is used to set the query read mode?    1  711
What is the use of BW statistics?    1  8157
How is multi provider different from info set? eds   5  6156
Describe the new BW 3.x authorizations?    0  263
What are hierarchy levels?    0  294
Give some examples of usage of BW statistics reports?    0  378
How do you convert from LIS to LO extraction?    0  764
What are the DATA_MODE options in the command line URL?    1  1058
What is compression or collapse?    4  1864
Which transaction can you use to get current statistics data?    1  1207
What is inflow and outflow?    1  6466
Can you give a list of standard web items delivered?    0  562
What are the user exits within the enhancement?    2  1395
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is compatable and incompaltable bojects? plz ssend to my mail i need a declinations and example thanks in advance.............. 188
Can you restart the conversion? 305
How do you convert from LIS to LO extraction? 764
What are the mathematical functions? 339
When a query is run with a loop, what does it generate? A) Cartesian product b)An incompatible combination of objects c) An SQL statement generation error d)Results returning too many rows e)Results returning too few rows 446
How will you change the default destination of open hub files? 336
What are the enhancements one can do in SAP MM,PP,SD, modules while extracting the data? 644
What are the advantages of new LO extraction? 310
Give an example of VBA? 272
What are the data target administration tasks? 385
can any one give me a senario for generic data source extraction? why u go for infosets and multiproviders ? give me a senario for each? what is time stamp, calday, numpt? what is safty intervels, y we set lower lt and upper lt? 207
Which transaction on R/3 shows the transactions with pending processes for update? 286
What is a time reference characteristic? 309
How will you add buttons to a template? 279
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