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What is internal number range? What advantages & risk? accenture   2  6236
P_CONC_REQUEST_ID mandatory in oracle reports to run in oracle applications or not ( I am not talking about running in report builder or D2k ) or not ? kpit   9  16886
What is GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLE and It's significance ? kpit   3  3940
Customer realized its a faulty material and returns, now from SAP Front what is the process to take back and Scrap the Material as its no more of use ibm   4  2351
IN SD Credit Management is Active, I want to deactive Credit Functionality but want still to keep it Active at Sales Order Header level, how can we do it ibm   2  2341
What is the document Flow after Delivery using Shipment and Transportaion process till billing ibm   2  2278
How can we calculate stock based on MMR- Price Control (Moving Average or Standard), can anyone tell exactly the use of this field ibm   2  2158
In Enterprise Structure, we maintain Language and Currency for various fields,, what is the diff e.g we have at Company level, CCA, Company Code, Sales Org etc... ibm   0  481
In SD, if i List and Exclude as part of Listing and Exclusytion what would be system response ibm   7  2767
In SD, Pricing Procedure determination we have DOC PP + Customer PP + DOC Type & Condition Type, what is the use of Condition type in determination ibm   6  2185
In Material Master Record we maintain General Item Category Group and Item Category Group, whats the difference ibm   4  5416
Once Packing is done and PGI is completed, Can we re-pack it later ibm   3  2504
Hi,While doing PGI i am getting the error "filed selection for movement type 601 / account 89500 differs for customer goods movement (015)". I am trying to solve but coulnd't. Please get me the solution. Regards Naga    0  339
what is client dependent and client independent data in sap? give 2 exaples of each . accenture   4  6988
What is Baseline and Final Configuration ? accenture   0  470
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While processing the salary for the m/o May 2012,the following error is being shown: 1.The salaries have been revised w.e.f 01.04.2012 in the m/o May 2012.Hence the May salary will include the arrear of April 2012. 2.Though the processing is successful, the periods reflected as 917 is wrong .Ideally it should be 246(123*2). 3.T-Code is PC00_M40_CALC Please examine the problem asap and revert 344
I am using vision database for practicing HRMS modules , can you tell me for payroll processing what patches are required to run the payroll and what patches are required to open the external site visitor page in iRecruitment? Thanks in advance 1323
Where we define new in ifrs and gaap 367
What is authorization processing type? 344
What are the payroll related Infotypes 458
What are the options to calculate result as ? summation? 356
In third party order processing what are the standard G/L A/c's to be posted in ME21? 237
How to add a description to the list of values? 2
Tell some standard order types and what configure done for current project 278
can any one send me the real time interview questions and tockets in sap fico ,my mailid is 322
Which transaction on R/3 shows the transactions with pending processes for update? 417
what is code to upload cost centers through call trans. and procedure 798
Hi, Here is an interview question. What are errors we will face in FI-MM, FI-SD, COPA integration. How u will solve. Sravan 281
explain about BC UserProperty : AllModeSort Applet User Property : MenuItem 548
Kernel upgradation procedure? 46
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