ERP CRM Interview Questions
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What is syntax to upload a logo in script ?

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How do u know that updation is successful in BDC


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How do u know that updation is successful in BDC


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What is a view?


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How do you know that data is updated in call transaction


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What is the significance of main window in a page, what are the types of the window?


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What is the difference between value table and check table?

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what is BDCDATA structure?


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I have more than one layout in a form, would You handle?


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If One session is processed, where can You see the processed session?


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loop at itab. IF . Continue. Endif. Endloop. If continue triggers what will happen, it comes out of loop and endloop for further loop pass or just comes out of IF and Endif.

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I have one selection screen field which is meant for only display what will You do?


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I want to give a input/output field on list , where can I define it?


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How do we create the Field exits?


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Can we add a field to the sap standard screen? If so, how?


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How does it do delta?


what is user specific parameter?


How to send the renewal quotes to the party?


1.How you send the data to Target Systems from SAP MDM? 2. Where do you fill the data in SAP MDM? 3. What are qualified Tables in SAP MDM? 4.What are limitations and benefits of WorkFlow in SAP MDM?


How can one inactivate or block a special stock partner? Intent is to disallow transactions to this consignment location as part of lifecycle mgmt.


how do i go on about Developing,maintaining,and implementing a mitigating control strategy and provide SAP authorisations support to users? Please help


In compression level all requests are becoming zero which data is compressing tell me detail


In the `select' statement what is group by ?


Tell me your Current client's organization structure in relation to SAP SD in your project? Draw / illustrate with a diagram.I have been asked this question in an recent interview. Please reply asap... Eagerly awaiting for your response? Thanks in advance.


can we define 2 different currency revaluation at a time??


Hi all see the problem is, suppose i sold goods to customer 10 units @ 120 & my COGS (cost of goods sold) is 100 per unit . After that he told me your quality is not good ok & u r charging high 4 that i will pay you only 110 rs for that otherwise i will return ur goods. After that i made 1 credit memo 4 that of rs 10 ok. now the issue is it is also affecting the COGS but it has to remain same And will effect at profit & my profit must be reduced from 20 rs per unit to 10rs per unit & COGS must remain constant i.e is 100 rs


how many times pcc can run for one material?


what post steps and pre steps db refresh


list some common errors faced with jspm while updating java stcks.and solutions.


1)can any body tell the transport request number concept and 2)there are 3 screens in one screen u have uploaded the resume and second screen also u have done the same thing but when u are uploading the resume in third screen u got some error in somewhere else but whatever u have uploaded the resume in 1 and 2 should not