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What is the use of reference and service user in sap? terrenos   1  2708
how to perform a client import and export at OS level terrenos   1  1951
What is the t-code of fi-pp and fi-hr integration?    2  2052
what is the work of OKB9 and why we need okb9 setting? Plz, give in detials.    2  4510
pls tel we link two fields by using foregin keys between two tables in sap abap?    1  713
Output should not print invoice for perticular customer    3  1114
For example, I want to transfer 50GB of data from DEV to Quality. I am using client export and import method; can you tell me how many hours take for client export and import? And also How many hours take for remote client copy? terrenos   1  589
hi..guys... can u tell me? what is the solution manager.. and what is the use? which type of commands we should follow? ibm   2  1935
in which server did number ranges of CO mainly created? is it in development server or in production server? Plz. give the reason.    0  239
How the conversion of p&l to balance sheet account can be done in Sap?    0  218
I had posted a down payment to a vendor. In addition to that i had posted the invoice to the same vendor.When i run the F110 to make the payment, I want the functionality to adjust the down payment with the invoice & to pay the balance amount. I don't want to do the down payment clearing manually in F- 54. the down payment should be done in the F110 itslef. Is it possible?. If yes what is the configuration related to this. tcs   0  283
Is there any program/report which gives payment usage/document set off details against a particular document ?    0  158
How does system know that your SAP login userid is assigned to a perticular employee number (PERNR)? ibm   2  2877
Can anyone please explain what is Rolling valuation(SAP) in relevant to foreign currency valuation...?    0  1072
what is single role and composite role diffrence ? ibm   4  2104
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Un-Answered Questions
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wat is core team. wat core team member do plz answer asap thnks 1001
Dear Professionals, Please mention & explain about the forms which we are using against the requirement Ex:RD010,RD0100,MD05O,MDO7O....etc Kindly explain the purpose & the importance above mentioned docs. Please mentioned other docs which we are using I would be grateful for your valuable comments Regards, Rahul G 355
Tell me the SO (sales Order) to Collection in sap with Accounting Effect. 185
Understanding Clint business process & Relevant Sap Logic Review of Business & Technical Documention 288
can some body give me some idea on integrations of sd and sap crm service 131
How to give programe name as input in BDC report of abap ? 235
How many interactive reports did you write ? 180
What are the features of APP programing 222
What are the options for conditions for key figures? 278
Suppose we are transfer data through BDC from legacy to SAP and their is some duplicate data in legacy system but we don’t want this in SAP system .So how can we check that this data is already exist ? 210
what is the meaning of purchase default and what are the types 310
tell me the scenarios of the independent in reports 340
In how many ways a sap system can interact with third party system. please provide the details to understand well about interfaces 129
in bdc session method. if u run the record in fore ground manually i have a 7 records but at the time of record processing first record produces the error how can u process records manually in fore ground please tell me any one knows? 223
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