ERP CRM Interview Questions
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What is syntax to upload a logo in script ?

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How do u know that updation is successful in BDC


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How do u know that updation is successful in BDC


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What is a view?


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How do you know that data is updated in call transaction


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What is the significance of main window in a page, what are the types of the window?


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What is the difference between value table and check table?

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what is BDCDATA structure?


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I have more than one layout in a form, would You handle?


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If One session is processed, where can You see the processed session?


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loop at itab. IF . Continue. Endif. Endloop. If continue triggers what will happen, it comes out of loop and endloop for further loop pass or just comes out of IF and Endif.

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I have one selection screen field which is meant for only display what will You do?


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I want to give a input/output field on list , where can I define it?


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How do we create the Field exits?


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Can we add a field to the sap standard screen? If so, how?


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What is Plan Depreciation(AFAB)


Assign different no. range for different business area of same co. code.


How would you debug web reports?


how we Designed security solution for FI, FM, MM, QM, PM, PS, HR (Time Entry, Travel) modules


What is update task


At the time of sap implementation what are the basic details required by CO guy, SD, MM, and PP guy from a FI guy...?


What is mean by DME , IN APP WHERE IT ASSIGN


while working as a Junior consultant(working under a senior consultant)Tell me a difficult situation you have faced and how you solved it? What documents you have referred and documents you have Updated?What was team member's and team leader's reactions to the situation and the way you solved it?


What is the use of LC? How is it useful in export sales?


can we change pricing procedure in the delivery???


HELLO, I have a doubt in FI Asset Accounting. On 01.04.2010 I capitalized the asset (Furniture & Fixture) and purchase on 01.04.2010  (Document date & Posting Date) worth Rs.10000/-  (ASSET Acquisition Value) , I charged depreciation 10% up to 6 months with WDV method. After 6 month the value of asset is Rs.9500/-. Now I want to sell the asset of Rs.9000. When I done the same instead of showing the loss on sale of asset of Rs.500/-, its showing Rs. 1000/- on loss on sell of asset. WHY SO…… PLEASE SUGGEST I AM CONFUSED, IS THERE SOMETHING MISSING IN CLIEN 800? OR IT MY MISTAKE IN G/L ASSIGNING IN T.CODE: AO90


in require sap fico questions


i want dumps for base SAS erification so please provide me link or information on my mail id


How to add a column to a table control while using alphanumerical layout editor ?


How do you map org. structure?