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what is puchase life cycle? wipro   0  583
after delivery what document raised in sd ? after billing what doc raised? wipro   1  2011
how to create T.CODE ibm   1  2000
When we configure Electronic bank statement first time. Do we need help of ABAP team at the time of configuring the same? syntel   0  524
If the server buffer memory reaches 95% of memory what will will be the measure have to take for solve that issue. accenture   1  3086
can we load delta load directly without full load ? how ? what are the steps ibm   2  5563
hi 1.while monitoring process chains i got an error that "activation was failed"what is the reason for failure and how did u solve that problem? 2.Process chain is going on running but it is not completing ,stopping?what are the necessary steps we have to take to solve the problem? 3.If there is any duplication in the cube ,how to rectify it and how to solve the duplication in the cube? 4.we have created one new field in the extractions which is not presented in the communication structure ,but the problem is how to bring the created field in to the cube? 5.what is meant by compressin? here the problem is we are deleting the request id,s what about the data depending on the id? 6.For improving the query we will create aggregates ? how the internal process will takes place to improve the query? what is meant by aggregate? to schedule the process chain "in a month first five days "i have to schedule the process chain? how? 8.what is meant by archiving? Support question service level aggrement: If we are unable to solve the ticket with in the service level aggrement? what are the necesary steps we have to take? these are the question i have faced on ibm interview,ok byee thanks®ards suresh kumar ibm   4  5322
how can I do (config)? if my product category like this 1 product brand exam 101 brand A, 102 brand B 2 product type exam 501 type water, 502 type resin my sale deal is every customer can buy mix product category if buy 400.00 each can get free goods 10.00 each from any product in mix cat exam customer order line brand type quantity 1 101 501 100.00 2 101 502 100.00 3 102 501 100.00 4 102 502 100.00 mean customer meet target can get free 10.00 each but customer can select material in mix category chot trinnamaitip    0  346
How to configure Make-to-order in sd. Tell me the process step by step    3  9841
What are the advantages of working with scheduling agreements    4  6318
When I am creating the pricing conditions in I am getting error that sales organisation code does not exist. How to get it corrected? tcs   1  1352
Hi Gurus How do we grant access to users in WEB UI ? Pls help Regards Soni    2  2309
if 100 users are accessing perticular table how to know the users who are acessing table. cts   3  2685
what are the differences between development view and upgrade view?    3  2155
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Un-Answered Questions
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how to control transport cost with sale invoices :- I want to know how to map tranport cost with respective sale invoices. This help us to avoid duplicate transport payment. As in PO freight condition is maintained ,is there is anyway to link or map transport cost with sale invoices 461
What is the difference between SY-INDEX and SY-TABIX? 27
wat is core team. wat core team member do plz answer asap thnks 2517
what is role of sap administrator in pi & ep? 620
Hi everybody, This is Srinu,recently i got selected for a small comapny with sap b1 but i was new to the technology.I knew,,Sql server 2005.My question is what are the pre-required knowledge to learn SAP B1 please suggest me. Thanks & Regards. 335
how to define transaction-subtypes? 536
In sequence i want to 11 and 15th values how we will write? 474
What is serial number and where you will be configure 937
what is functional specs in sap sd. I want it detail with examples. and also gap analysis. 518
How do you create control file? What is the command? 78
What are the enhancements one can do in SAP MM,PP,SD, modules while extracting the data? 833
Do you know variant configuration? 113
How are trace files generated? 63
Hi friends. I am srinivas. I want to know the text determinatin. What is the text determination. What is that use. Where can we use text determination in real time. Pls explain me in detial with example. 451
what is the relevance of vendor Tab in customer master and in which scenario you will use this tab? 860
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