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what is parameter id and what is user group in su01 ? cap-gemini   2  7673
Is PlaceHolderColumn Function or Procedure? Why we don't write any code in that? oracle   3  4530 to connect source system to bw ? in real time 2. give me simple tickets?    2  4116
1. psa is supports error handling concept and also in bi 7.0 i think it is supports error handling concept what is difference ? 2. how to delete record wise in psa? 3. dtp disadvantages? 4. info source is mandatory in bi7.0 . 5. if we will get any error in bw 3.5 what will we do ? check psa and manually rectify error and load it again? in bi 7.0 what will we do if any error we got? delta disadvantages? 7. how to explain sales flow simply say frnds? of the interviewer asked me what is Ur business flow how can i say that ?    0  1456
What is Buffering Concept? When should a Table be buffered? itc-infotech   2  6119
How to debug a smartform using SMARTFORM_TRACE....and how to see its results cap-gemini   3  4493
What is the deference between JSPM and SDM?? abc   2  8135
What are the three C’s in 11i? What are the changes in SOB’s in R12? What is the 4th C in R12? ibm   10  15791
How many KFF are there in Order management? What is the use of Sales Order Flex-Field?    5  9790
What are the different types of excise exemptions?    0  727
If owner wants to self approve then what the set-ups required? cap-gemini   2  5690
Do you have knowledge of Inter-Company Invoicing? If yes, explain the process.    0  521
What is the use of LC? How is it useful in export sales?    0  572
Once the SO was booked, the line status changed to ‘Closed. What could be the cause?    6  5592
What are the different types of RG Registers?    1  3537
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Un-Answered Questions
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Tell me a customization which you have done & worked for your client which is not in standard SAP settings? Explain the requirement along with detailed procedure & process,t- codes if any from your real time data in your project? This question is most frequently asked in many interviews.Please reply asap... Urgent!!!! Waiting for your response eagerly... Thanks in advance 554
What is a number range object? 580
what is difference between primary distribution and secondry distribution of cost in a cost centre 835
Our company has 2 divisions: Food Service & Food Beverage Units Now we have a problem... The customer no. 500 , is shared between our Food Service and Food & Beverage units. T we do not have a customer hierarchy for the following combination: sales org. 1000 dist. channel 10 ( for food service) division 00. We cannot set this up because we have the customer hierarchy already created for sales org.1000, dist. channel 11 ( for food and beverage) division 00 Is there anyway that we can set up the customer hierarchy for food service units? Please let me know 596
What are the pre-requisites of DB connect? 728
What are the procedure for implementing FI Sub Module, like AR, AP, AA etc 585
what soft were u r company uesing 446
Tell bom header level & component level 245
What is call list, do you have any idea? 512
Tell me a complex situation in your work life which you have encountered either in SAP SDImplemenation or Support Project and how you faced that situation?Please reply asap... Urgent!!!! Waiting for your response eagerly... Thanks in advance 537
how to Create a smart form related to gate pass to be submitted to vendor’s location. This form outputs document number, date, vendors name, address, material details, quantity, unit,and the company logo. 2526
any one can tell me which is the tables can store in ddic plese dont say db02l,please give me different ways of resideing the tables ? 585
wat is the difference between A-gate & W-gate?where are they used? 421
Is it possible to create 5 levels of approval for sales order? 141
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