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what is the difference between FOR ALL ENTRIES and SELECT * FROM ?    2  1111
Difference between Read and Get cursor?    0  180
Among "Move" and "Move Corresponding", which is efficient one and why ?    1  512
What is the difference between Initialization and parameters ?    0  150
How do you handle filters in ALV Reports?    0  177
How does check, continue and exit commands work in loop and end Loop.    0  313
What is a hard break Point?    0  166
What is the default event that triggers when u run a report?    3  670
Difference between call Screen and Set Screen ?    2  859
How do you get different colours for each row in the ALVs list display ?    1  181
Can we add new records to the already displayed ALV list.    0  371
What are step loops? How do you program page down page up in step loops?    0  194
What transactions do you use for data analysis?    1  831
Disadvantage of Move-corresponding Statement ?    0  275
Can we have more than one Selection Screen and how ?    0  180
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Un-Answered Questions
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Can you assign your own form to a standard print program? How ? 369
When I enter the VAT registration number in OBY6 - company code global data, I get the following error. Entry of a VAT only possible for co. codes in EC countries Message no. FC199. My co.code country is RO - Romania. Where do I mention that co.code country is EC country ? Awaiting your early reply friends Regards, Janardhan 1066
Hi Experts,What is Unit Testing, Integration Testing, User acceptance testing & Computer Aided Testing tools? Explain in detail regarding the testing process of above tests along with detailed procedure and mechanism?Please give examples from your real time data from your project. Please answer this question asap.... Looking forward for your express reply...I have interview within 1-2 days. So, give reply to this query asap.. I would be very grateful to you for your timely help.Thanks in advance. Regards 175
How many standard value keys can you mention at work center 32
i have two business components but iwant to make visible applet to only one business component 292
what is sap scriptview ? 213
1. what are the steps for gathering requirements in business blue print? 2. if we doesnt meet user requirements in a standard universe then what will we do? give me a scenario for developing a universe based on standard universe? 3.give me some standard universes which u have worked earlier? 4.give me some classes, objects which u have worked so far? u have ever created custom classes, objects? give me scenario? 6.have u ever exported the universe? y u have exported give me a scenario for exporting ? 7.which s prefferable for reporting either Webi or CR? give me a scenario for each one at what time u gone to webi and CR? can we schedule the reports daily, weekly, monthly ? 9.give me a scenario for LOV , slice & dice, drill, cross tab, variables, breaks, alerters, ranking? 10. what are roles in ur current project? 11. give me a senario for creating xcelcius? 396
How would you estimate the client size? 9
What is the procedure for requisition import? 1763
What is personnel sub are 156
What is authorization processing type? 279
What is email processing? 285
Hi 1 Question please My client is on SAP since last 3 years and now they want to migrate their asset related data with AM solution, I would like to know the steps and precaution to be taken at the time of legacy data migration and how to reconcile ABST2 report. 312
In supporting project, what are the Tickets generally we come across in payroll, personnel administration and Organizational management? 559
What is the jdbc configurations ? 247
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