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If you are appointed as Bank Officer, what steps you can take to mobilize your bank into surplus ?


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What are the good qualities for a Probationary Officer ?

Central Bank of India, UTI, BSRB,

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Can you say some examples about Bank mergers ?


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What is the difference between internet and intranet ?


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Can you tell us some drastic changes in Banking Industry in India for the last 10 years ?


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Define about Micro Economics & Macro Economics ?


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Tell us about types of market in India ?


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What the difference between capital goods and infrastructure.

Siemens, UTI,

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What it means of Disinvestment ? In your opinion it is right or wrong


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Define SEBI and how does it works ?

SEBI, UTI, Trillions India,

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What is the abbreviation of SMILE

State Bank Of India SBI, ABC, HCL, UTI, ACS,

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What does mean the word ?NPA? in Banking Sector

State Bank Of India SBI, ICICI, UTI, Punjab National Bank, ComNet,

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What is the abbreviation of ?CIBIL?


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Why May 17th is called Black Monday in Indian Economy?


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Recently one Bank has obtained permission to start operations in Afghanistan as well as in Dubai and Shanghai

Allahabad Bank, UTI,

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exam. sbi clearical is cleared by me nov.2009 i am a visually handicaped persion albino kindly reply me what type of questions will they ask, and what type of work they will offer or i can tell them that this work i can do to the bank. kidly plz reply early thanks somesh


hi i want to know the model papers for bank exams clerical cader.


How should i answer in the interview whether in my regional language or in english?


what is the best book for bank po exam


sir i have cleared the written test of ibps held for the post of po. but i have not recieved my score card due to insufficient address. i called ibps office and they told that they will send the score card again but till now they havnt informed me again. are there are any chances of getting the score card back??


Can anyone explain LAF[liquidity adjustment facility] and mutual funds in detail?


hi...i am rahul, i am trying to prepare for PO exam so can anyone send me syllabus and sample question paper for PO exam. please send to my mail_id: rsbarahate@yahoo.com Thanks!


why u want to choose banking as career? what are your expectations from the job?


Dear sir .... please send me 2007,2008 RBI 's exam paper and please give me some suggestion on how to prepare the general awareness portion,if possible please give me some study material for the general awareness portion for this year's exam.......


i've been selected for allahabad bank's interview.i wanted to ask how i should prepare for it.please send me related materials at my e-mail id- knimmi.2007@rediffmail.com.send it asap.


why you want to join SBI as a clerk when you are qualified enough for the post of an Officer? Don't you think you are over qualified for the job of a clerk?


People who dont have the application form print out please suggest something to get rid of this pbm


sir...i am a electronics and communication btech graduate...can you plz give me answer 4 the question for sbi bank po..how could you utilize your technical skills for the benefit of bank???


if anyone has already given gd & pi of sbi po, could u please send some information about gd topics to my email id patilvb4008@gmail.com


you are a insurance ooficer you have to motivate a customer ding a insurance policy but he is uneducated but that have much money how to moite vate