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Which of the following civilizations is the most ancient? (1) Inca (2) Egyptian (3) Indus-valley (4) Byzantine    1  735
Which of following is not a pseudonym? (1) Stalin (2) Ho-Chi-Minh (3) Freud (4) Pele    2  708
A judge of the Supreme Court of India is to hold office until he attains the age of (1) 65 years (2) 60 years (3) 62 years (4) 58 years    3  2134
Fa-Hien came to India during the reign of (1) Chandragupta I (2) Ashoka (3) Harshavardhan (4) Chandragupta II tata   3  2742
Through which of the following countries does the equator pass? (1) Canada (2) Brazil (3) China (4) Saudi Arabia    2  1891
The motion of an electron is affected by (1) only an electric field (2) only a magnetic field (3) both electric and magnetic fields (4) either an electric or magnetic field    1  839
Three resistances of 2 ohms each are connected in a triangle. The resistance in ohms between any two corners is ?????.. ohms. (1) 3 (2) 4 (3) 6 (4) 4/3    1  744
A steady current is flowing through a solenoid. If a bundle of soft iron is inserted in the coil, then the magnetic field inside the solenoid (1) increases (2) decreases (3) remains unaffected (4) increases first and then decreases    2  770
At the North magnetic pole, the angle of dip would be (1) 00 (2) 450 (3) 900 (4) 1800    2  841
A bar magnet with poles N and S marked is freely suspended. Then the end marked N would point towards (1) the South magnetic pole of the earth (2) the South geographic pole of the earth (3) the North magnetic pole of the earth (4) the North geographic pole of the earth    6  2684
To get three images of a simple object, one should have two plane mirrors at an angle of (1) 500 (2) 600 (3) 300 (4) 900    2  812
The blue colour of the sky is due to the fact that (1) Red light is absorbed (2) Blue light is preferentially scattered (3) Blue light is preferentially absorbed (4) Blue is the natural colour of sky    2  1463
To demonstrate the phenomena of interference, we require (1) Two sources which emit radiation of the same frequency (2) Two sources which emit radiation of nearly the same frequency (3) Two sources which emit radiation of the same frequency and have a definite phase relationship (4) Two sources which emit radiation of different wavelengths    1  905
Which of the following statements is true ? (1) The speed of light in a vacuum depends upon the wavelength (2) The speed of light in a vacuum depends upon the frequency (3) The speed of light depends on wavelength, and not on frequency (4) The speed of light is independent of frequency and wavelength    1  3548
The equation x2 + y2 ? 2xy ? 1 = 0 represents which of the following? (1) Two vertical straight lines (2) Hyperbola (3) A circle (4) Two parallel straight lines    1  1796
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Dear sir/mam i am preparing for railway jobs in pharmacy profession and i want to know about interview question which asked in railway please give me suggestion my em id is 189
friends anyone send me the model question paper for RRB- (s&t) to this email 228
please send me aptitude as well as technical questions of rrb bangalore with answers for je tele category 268
Can i have model question papers of RRB(Section Er-Signals) kindly help me out.i want to take this exam seriously. 353
please send me last five years solved question withh syllebus of assistant station master exam question of rrb 224
Hi sir, I am very interested in Indian railways job...... very eager to get into it ...... pls tel me about the openings and opportunities in it........ 366
about staff nursing 212
I am Durai from Madurai and now I am working in the field of Elevator industries and now have applied for Railway Section Engineer Post. The exam date is 12th Dec'10. I am very interested & eager to serve in our Government Sector as well as Technical Field. Please forward me the model question papers, ideas, notes for doing the Written exam successfully.... Note: My E-mail Id: With thans & regards, S.Durai. 141
please send me rrb chennai previous 3 years question paper for electrical engineer with syllabus 313
please sent previous question paper of RRB assistant station master exam 814
if i need a previous year rrb section engg electrical department qs? it is possible means pls send it through my email id 187
please send the last 5 years {{{JUNIOR ENGINEER GR11- ELECTICAL, ELECTRONICS RRB Thiruvanathapuram}}} TECHNICAL, General Knowledge,and Aptitude question papers TO MY EMAIL- ID 204
sir please iwant to rrb health inspector examination privious papers 270
asst-loco master 158
hi this is chandra. I have to attend an interview for the post of asst. supervisor (IT) in IRCTC on 22nd june in delhi. I dont have any idea about the questions they can ask. Please if anyone can give some hint about this, post it here.. sincely thanks 185
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