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panchyat system


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what is reservation system ? presently


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Hello!!!! Friends I have qualified for the SSC COMBINED GRADUATE LEVEL EXAM- 2008 interview, and I have done my graduation with History Hons. Can anyone please assist me to improve my interview???


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hi friends, could anyone tell me what could be the final cut off for CGL 2008 based upon the initial cut off for interview i.e 310 for inspector and 353 for assistant. and also if anyone could tell me the no. of post based upon the no. of student selected i.e. 5300 approx


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Can anybody tell me the what will be the cutoff for tax assistant exam 2009? Quote your expected marks paper wise.

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which is the biggest enterprise of the government of india?

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The maximum duration of zero hour in lok sabha is a)30 min b)1 hr c)2 hr d)unspecified

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earth-fault relay is? a)directional relay b)non-directional relay c)protective relay d)admitence relay


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Has anyone who has been recommended for appointment as secton officer audit 2008 received appointment letter?


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in a closed room, if the door of refrigerator is left open what will be the effect on temperature in the room. explain. 2. what is rift valley. Define.

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can u plz send me the questions of ssc combined graguate level exam to


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can anyone provide me interview tips for apperaing combine graduate level interview?


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What is judicial activity ?


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How can improve the realationship between India & Pak ?

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Constitutional amendment recently,


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Hi, my friend is selected as tax assistant in cbec in ssc tax assistant 2009. when is the appointment letter supposed to come? Pl reply me.


tell me about your ability to work under pressure ??


wat would be d best of cadre wich i can get out of 273 (tierI + tierII, excluding interview) marks in SC category in SSC CGL,2011..


i am appearing an examination of assistant inspector of excise and the matter of fact is, i have no clue. can anyone help me out with likely questions?????


I am preparing for SSC stenographer exam and learned shorthand. Could you pls tell me the job profile & nature of work in Indian foreign service stenographer cadre??


Are you in a relationship? If yes then how intimate if no then why ??


How many of you are satisfy with the result of SAS, 2010? Do you think it was fair treatment for UR category?


Hi i am selected as Tax Assistant in Central Excise (Combined Graduate Level -2010) and i have been allotted Pune Central Excise Zone, I am from west bengal. Is there any candidate from west bengal who also going to join the post in Pune I if you selected then contact me 9641313745 and & please contact me.


would anyone of you please tell me that how much number should one get for income tax inspector for OBC catogery


population for dinacy of mysore power full kingdomein mysore. economy of mysore crop maharaja palace location of mysore


give an example how u would manage time and leave administation


what are the duties of tax assistants in income tax department


what is your work


Hi I am selected as Tax Assistant in SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam -2010 and I have allotted Pune Central Excise Zone. I am from west Bengal. Are any one joining this post from West Bengal ? Please contact me 9641313745 or, please, please ......... contact me


Hi , I am looking for ssc combined matric preliminary exam papers but haven`t got one till now.also i`m looking forother papers of ssc.can u suggest some site where I can get upto 10 or even 2-3 yrs old papers of ssc.just like we have sites or groups dedicated to upsc don`t we have any sites or groups for ssc.if any, plz suggest I would definitely love to join it?waiting for reply…………