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I have been working on one thread which manage and control a couple of circular buffers. It has api for other thread to access. As the thread grows bigger and bigger, I split it as 3 to 4 threads which need to share common buffers, and also their api could be used by other threads, (not these three threads). Inside api, I also allow other threads to access these three threads' common buffers(more than one buffer). SO I have to use mutex to avoid race condition . But I found mutex will be everwhere in all the threads when they update the common buffer. I am wondering whether I could reduce mutex usage(more mutex will hure my system performance). any ideas for how to reduce mutex usage meanwhile to avoid race condition. Thanks    2  2680
what is major concerns about any RTOS selection ? bosch   4  9828
What is priority inversion ? and What is the solution ? qualcomm   6  18475
what is difference between IRQ and FRQ ? bosch   4  19664
What is the difference b/n any GPOS and RTOS?Give suitable examples or characteristic of RTOS to support your answer. What changes can be done in a GPOS to make it work like a RTOS? What basic features will you support, if you have to design a RTOS? emulogic   8  17785
what is the need of creating 4GB of pages in linux? tcs   1  4763
what are the rules u follow when u r writing critical section of code? tcs   6  9008
Write a small dc shell script to find number of FF in the design    0  3797
When would you choose top down methodology? cts   3  9687
When would you choose bottom up methodology? knowx-innovations   5  11991
Give an example of microkernel. samsung   13  18567
Explain the difference between microkernel and macro kernel. infosys   5  35975
What do you mean by deadlock?    8  19719
What is the state of the processor, when a process is waiting for some event to occur? mts   14  17753
If two processes which shares same system memory and system clock in a distributed system, What is it called?    6  12549
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