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explain the test bed which is used to test VOIP SIP products? tcs   1  6191
IPv6 uses ________ bit address, whereas IPv4 uses ________ bit address    6  3939
how to hide control panel?in my pc? tcs   2  2356
Hoe often does updates happen in a routing table?    2  2887
What is the meaning of the tds?. wipro   3  2652
Why DNS use both TCP and UDP ports. And for which purpose it uses TCP and UDP. accenture   5  5767
Why DNS use both TCP and UDP ports. And for which purpose it uses TCP and UDP. accenture   2  2094
Why DNS use both TCP and UDP ports. And for which purpose it uses TCP and UDP. accenture   0  1038
From the perspective of a computer's network configuration, the name given to the IP address of the router to which the hosts in a particular subnet must go through to get to other networks/subnets is the    2  2090
which network mask should you place on a class c address to accommodate a user requirement for two sub networks with a maximum of 35 hosts on each network?    2  3085
What is ESTMP?    4  2949
How can Jim Herr, a client on an NT TCP/IP network see which remote hosts are currently connected using NBT    1  3011
is the private address assigned by the dhcp?    1  2549
what is the full form of D-link    9  7818
what is ethernet?    5  3647
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Compare the contents of the NetSim routing table with those of a IP/RIP based router 1003
• Brief me about yourself? • What are your day to day job roles /responsibilities? • What is the through put of 3560 POE switch? • What is POE switch? • How will you configure VLAN in a new switch? • What is NAT? • Different types of NAT? • Difference between NAT & PAT? • Explain with diagram how you can access a PC on internet; will NAT come into picture, how? • How many physical ports are there in PIX 515E? Are they Ethernet of gigabyte? • What is difference between ASA5510 & ASA5550?How many ports are there • Explain any client network topology? • How will you configure a new firewall, parameters for configuration? • What is HSRP? • If a link is down what status will be the interface be in? • How good are you in SWITCHING ,rate yourself between 1 to 5 • What is VLAN • Avaya IP Phone, separate required? • Configuration for DATA and VOICE VLAN? • What is VTP? • Modes of VTP • Can we have more than 2 VTP servers in a single VTP domain? • What is STP? • How STP works? • How is Root Bridge elected? • Which priority is considered, highest or lowest? • Difference between STP & RSTP? • Modes of STP? • By default which mode of STP is there? • By default which mode of VTP is there? • In firewall which security level is what? • What is DMZ? • What is ether channel? 2264
what is the postec controllers and how it is work 1250
Explain the automation frame work? 1175
iam doing my final year graduation in physics i got placed as an assistant engineer for the job band INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT SERVICE(IMS)i want to know what type of job is tat and i also want to know about the technical knowledge for the job 651
What LAN analyzer tools are you familiar with and describe how you use them to troubleshoot and on what media and network types. 650
What are advantages and disadvantages of combining the session presentation application layer in the osi model into one single application layer in internet layer? 3343
Desirability of TCP/IP STANDARDS 1354
Please inform me about the openings of networking field at Kolkata.Is there any interview recently? 865
How does FDDI node determine whether it can send asynchronous traffic and synchronous traffic 155
How we can communicate (voice communication) in LAN by using core java? 909
Is there any training institute for network protocol testing / communication protocol testing / data-com protocol testing? 866
What happend if the token lost in token ring IEEE802.5? 142
what is ic precaution? 1318
What is the difference between Cognos Reportnet features and Business Objects??? 741
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