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Why DNS use both TCP and UDP ports. And for which purpose it uses TCP and UDP. accenture   0  317
From the perspective of a computer's network configuration, the name given to the IP address of the router to which the hosts in a particular subnet must go through to get to other networks/subnets is the    2  752
which network mask should you place on a class c address to accommodate a user requirement for two sub networks with a maximum of 35 hosts on each network?    2  968
What is ESTMP?    4  859
How can Jim Herr, a client on an NT TCP/IP network see which remote hosts are currently connected using NBT    1  750
is the private address assigned by the dhcp?    1  1081
what is the full form of D-link    7  1813
what is ethernet?    3  1176
What is meaning of topology?    2  733
how many types tcp/ip protocol?    3  1849
what is the difference between tcp and udp protocol?nowadays internet using which type of protocol?    2  1396
nowadays which protocol we are using?either tcp or udp?which is more useful?    3  872
what is throjan? wipro   2  1197
How many types of Transmission are there lg-soft   3  1578
How many types of Transmission are there lg-soft   2  654
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Compare the contents of the NetSim routing table with those of a IP/RIP based router 507
Why DNS use both TCP and UDP ports. And for which purpose it uses TCP and UDP. 688
What are advantages and disadvantages of combining the session presentation application layer in the osi model into one single application layer in internet layer? 2022
what is destination translation? what will happen if we don't use VTP? 581
What are the generally asked questions for a Person who is attending Network protocol testing L2/L3. 1011
What is the role of health and safety committee 464
Hey friends, i want to do a telecom protocol development course in Pune. plz mention some good instituition.what is its scope.plz help me out.course(MAC,RLC,RRC,VOIP,3G,GSM, ss7, SIP) 95
How we can communicate (voice communication) in LAN by using core java? 489
Hi Guys, Can some please tell me which is the best institute for network protocol (l2 l3 l4 ) stack development in Noida. 128
What is optical character recognition? 440
When we make a call from mobile/landline, how exactly the backend architecuture works? 495
What is the name of the occupational health and safety act in NSW 354
Normally they r setting question 4rm time@distance,time@work,ages,cisterns@pipes,etc 433
netmeeting in vista 658
In UDP protocal Iam sending one immage i lost one packet in network how can i refill that packet on receving side,how can i deside total immage is receved ? 429
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