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Why DNS use both TCP and UDP ports. And for which purpose it uses TCP and UDP. accenture   0  316
From the perspective of a computer's network configuration, the name given to the IP address of the router to which the hosts in a particular subnet must go through to get to other networks/subnets is the    2  750
which network mask should you place on a class c address to accommodate a user requirement for two sub networks with a maximum of 35 hosts on each network?    2  965
What is ESTMP?    4  855
How can Jim Herr, a client on an NT TCP/IP network see which remote hosts are currently connected using NBT    1  748
is the private address assigned by the dhcp?    1  1078
what is the full form of D-link    7  1806
what is ethernet?    3  1174
What is meaning of topology?    2  730
how many types tcp/ip protocol?    3  1846
what is the difference between tcp and udp protocol?nowadays internet using which type of protocol?    2  1394
nowadays which protocol we are using?either tcp or udp?which is more useful?    3  870
what is throjan? wipro   2  1195
How many types of Transmission are there lg-soft   3  1575
How many types of Transmission are there lg-soft   2  651
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is the difference between Cognos Reportnet features and Business Objects??? 416
EXplain how the TCP/IP suite addresses name service 658
What is the role of a health and safety representative? 383
What is the name of the occupational health and safety act in NSW 353
What is optical character recognition? 438
Is there any training institute for network protocol testing / communication protocol testing / data-com protocol testing? 199
What is the role of health and safety committee 462
Why DNS use both TCP and UDP ports. And for which purpose it uses TCP and UDP. 686
What happens at every layer of the OSI model when we type "" in the browser? This should typically explain everything from a networking point of view at layers 2,3 and 4. 697
How to confiner single router two services provided. Both service provided are same Speed 381
• Brief me about yourself? • What are your day to day job roles /responsibilities? • What is the through put of 3560 POE switch? • What is POE switch? • How will you configure VLAN in a new switch? • What is NAT? • Different types of NAT? • Difference between NAT & PAT? • Explain with diagram how you can access a PC on internet; will NAT come into picture, how? • How many physical ports are there in PIX 515E? Are they Ethernet of gigabyte? • What is difference between ASA5510 & ASA5550?How many ports are there • Explain any client network topology? • How will you configure a new firewall, parameters for configuration? • What is HSRP? • If a link is down what status will be the interface be in? • How good are you in SWITCHING ,rate yourself between 1 to 5 • What is VLAN • Avaya IP Phone, separate required? • Configuration for DATA and VOICE VLAN? • What is VTP? • Modes of VTP • Can we have more than 2 VTP servers in a single VTP domain? • What is STP? • How STP works? • How is Root Bridge elected? • Which priority is considered, highest or lowest? • Difference between STP & RSTP? • Modes of STP? • By default which mode of STP is there? • By default which mode of VTP is there? • In firewall which security level is what? • What is DMZ? • What is ether channel? 752
What are the generally asked questions for a Person who is attending Network protocol testing L2/L3. 1009
How do you copy a router IOS to a TFTP host 843
Hi Guys, Can some please tell me which is the best institute for network protocol (l2 l3 l4 ) stack development in Noida. 128
When we make a call from mobile/landline, how exactly the backend architecuture works? 494
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