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1.Password less authentication in linux & Solaris    1  36
In solaris 10 root Disk is 98% full what steps to be taken?    0  169
Local zone in shutting down to bring state of zone to installed?    0  264
when new Luns are added to server ,how to brought them under veritas control?    1  497
what is behavior of system if /var is 100% full.what you'll do to overcome it?    1  291
The NIC is failed in Cluster configuration. what is state of service group.whether NIC resource probed,if so how many times probed?    1  343
In a two node cluster i have typed #hastart command in one node.The cluster is starting in second node also,what is going in background?    0  247
How to know number of ports of HBA card ???????    1  381
Can you explain Does "AMD Turion 64 X2 Processor TL50, 1.6 GHz " supports Solaris 10?    0  237
What application have you used in Solaris?    1  247
What is semaem?    1  401
What is semvmx?    1  348
What is semusz?    1  346
What is semume?    1  333
Explain semopm (max-sem-ops in Solaris 10+)?    1  430
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is cachefs? 731
What is the zone in DNS? 769
please post step by step installation of packages from the EIS cd.. 601
There are two nic cards on a sun server. I need to connect one nic to pupic ip and another nic to DMZ. Could you tell me how to configure step by step? 847
If the root disk is failed how can change it? 816
how can u give space garentee for volume in netapp storage 1808
what is the importance of swap memory and how it will supports? 749
hi to all,, i need few real time issues please provide me,, if you have any,,, 689
What is the use of Sam utility in solaris 1180
what is mean by netfmd in sun cluster what is the use of netfmd and what is the relation between ccd and netfmd? 997
Performace degradations in NFSv4 when upgraded from NFSv3? problems with NFS v4? 579
How can u find a file which is logged in last week? 939
After first installation of Solaris 10, what and all the Securities We need to set and how ? 700
Hi, I need information regarding LDOMS.Like What is LDOMS ,Creation of LDOMS, errors on LDOMS, troubleshooting LDOMS...etc.... pls post the info. Regards, Naresh 1456
Hi We have upgraded our sun machine from solaris 9 to solaris 10. Before upgradation the date command output(Solaris 9) Wed Oct 13 09:45:21 IST 2010 But after upgradation the output for date is as below(solaris 10). Wednesday, October 13, 2010 9:46:14 AM IST Looks like I need to change LC_TIME=C. can you please help me how to change it for permanently 689
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