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 Categories >> Software >> Operating Systems >> Unix
  Unix Commands (243)   Unix Threads (13)   Unix IPC (34)   Unix Socket Programming (58)   Unix System Calls (8)
  Unix General (41)   Unix AllOther (133)
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what is output mkvg pvname    0  151
How would I put my socket in non-blocking mode?    1  400
How come only the first part of my datagram is getting through?    1  340
How can I be sure that UDP messages are received in order?    1  322
How can I read ICMP errors from connected UDP sockets?    1  301
What is the difference between connected and unconnected sockets?    1  298
How can I write a multi-homed server?    0  202
How should I choose a port number for my server?    1  302
How can I bind() to a port number < 1024?    1  291
What exactly does SO_LINGER do?    1  252
How can I listen on more than one port at a time?    1  249
Why do not my sockets close?    1  285
over the socket? Is there a way to have a dynamic buffer? What does one do when one does not know how much information is coming?    1  246
system choose one for me on the connect() call? Should I bind() a port number in my client program, or let the?    0  211
How can my client work through a firewall/proxy server?    1  323
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Un-Answered Questions
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What are the main differences between Apache 1.x and 2.x? 5361
How can I set the timeout for the connect() system call? 53
How do I convert a string into an internet address? 61
what is output mkvg pvname 151
what is the time for incident, problem and change management tickets? 1046
system choose one for me on the connect() call? Should I bind() a port number in my client program, or let the? 211
In detail elaborate the system? What is driver? 526
Whats the difference between select() and poll()? 92
When i run a programm of orphan process. Instead of getting child's parent (ppid)=1 ..i get 1400 and it varies as per system. How can i findthe right soluion??? My pgm: #include<stdlib.h> # include <stdio.h> int main() { int pid; pid=fork(); if(pid < 0) {exit(-1);} else if(pid==0) { printf("Child Process is Sleeping ..."); sleep(10); printf("Orphan Child's Parent ID : %u ",getppid()); } else { printf("Parent Process Completed ... %u ",getpid()); exit(0); } return 0; } Output: 446
What are the pros/cons of select(), non-blocking I/O and SIGIO? 88
Is there any advantage to handling the signal, rather than just ignoring it and checking for the EPIPE error? Are there any useful parameters passed to the signal catching function? 67
. Using sed and grep, write a command which lists files and directories with following properties: (i) created in 1999 (ii) with user's as owner and group 1113
hw will u use awk in replacing cahrs and files 1415
what is the advaantage of each user having its own copy of the shell? 728
i m putting 2.6yrs fake exp in oracle/unix production support i want to know some real time issues,like tell me the challenging issue u ever faced? my project is credit card application plz help me! 5541
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