Unix Interview Questions
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What are raw sockets?

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What command is used to execute system calls from exe?

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What command is used to replace the existing string with some other?


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What are Profilers?

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How to connect oracle database from unix

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What Command is used to make a directory?


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Give Command that will move a single file called "unix.txt"


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Give command that will make the file "run.sh" executable?


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Give Command that will change the name of a directly from paypal to eBay

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How does a user get the current date, time in UNIX?


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What Command will remove a Directory in UNIX?


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How does the user view the contents of a text file in UNIX?


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What command will bring user back to their home directory in UNIX?

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What command a user use to view a long text file one page at a time in UNIX?


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What command would users use to see what file one page at a time in UNIX?


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How do I use TCP_NODELAY?


If Media Server fails. What are the steps to be followed? Can anyone please reply for this question Thanks, Ganesh


what is difference between milestone and run-levels in Solaris ?


Why do I get EPROTO from read()?


How can I tell when a socket is closed on the other end?


I have one flat file,in this file how many columns are there i don't know,but one ename column is there , just i want to cut the surname, so how to cut the surname, any one know the answer please guide me ? ename ----- tapan kumar nayak bala murugan kutal chkrobarthy biswo My output is like that OUTPUT ------ nayak murugan chakrobarthy biswo


. Using sed and grep, write a command which lists files and directories with following properties: (i) created in 1999 (ii) with user's as owner and group


what is the advaantage of each user having its own copy of the shell?


Why does it take so long to detect that the peer died?


how to kernel protected memory?


What are the events done by the Kernel after a process is being swapped out from the main memory?


why metadb requires a seperate slice to create Solaris volume manager


What is the procedure to configure MC/SG Cluster services in HP-UX 11i v3 OS Environment?


When i run a programm of orphan process. Instead of getting child's parent (ppid)=1 ..i get 1400 and it varies as per system. How can i findthe right soluion??? My pgm: #include # include int main() { int pid; pid=fork(); if(pid < 0) {exit(-1);} else if(pid==0) { printf("Child Process is Sleeping ..."); sleep(10); printf("Orphan Child's Parent ID : %u ",getppid()); } else { printf("Parent Process Completed ... %u ",getpid()); exit(0); } return 0; } Output:


"ls" command is showing all the subdirectoary and files which are present in the current directoary, i want to cut only directoary name. How to cut only name ?