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 Categories >> Software >> Operating Systems >> Unix
  Unix Commands (243)   Unix Threads (13)   Unix IPC (34)   Unix Socket Programming (58)   Unix System Calls (8)
  Unix General (42)   Unix AllOther (133)
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What is a zombie?    9  9793
How can a parent and child process communicate? tcs   3  12288
How can you get or set an environment variable from a program?    2  4009
What are the system calls used for process management?    3  3876
Predict the output of the following program code main() { fork(); printf("Hello World!"); }    3  7284
Explain fork() system call? ibm   12  27066
What are various IDs associated with a process?    3  2691
what about the initial process sequence while the system boots up?    1  2989
How does the inode map to data block of a file?    3  7980
What are the mount and unmount system calls? hcl   1  5218
How do you create special files like named pipes and device files? wipro   1  3112
What is a FIFO?    2  3361
What is 'inode'? infosys   11  36157
How are devices represented in UNIX?    2  5756
set-user-id is related to (in unix)    1  2778
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Un-Answered Questions
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why metadb requires a seperate slice to create Solaris volume manager 1322
why unix commands simpler rather than complex task 2449
what is the time for incident, problem and change management tickets? 1157
system choose one for me on the connect() call? Should I bind() a port number in my client program, or let the? 280
Explain how and when a DNS request is solved when a user tries to surf to the site .Assume the user machine uses a local name server and sits on another network other than 2473
what is output mkvg pvname 265
How can I force a socket to send the data in its buffer? 110
how to kernel protected memory? 916
Whats the difference between select() and poll()? 118
i m putting 2.6yrs fake exp in oracle/unix production support i want to know some real time issues,like tell me the challenging issue u ever faced? my project is credit card application plz help me! 6236
What are the pros/cons of select(), non-blocking I/O and SIGIO? 144
In detail elaborate the system? What is driver? 559
I am new to Unix and Unix Shell scripting could you guide me on how to go about these subjects and where to start from with concern to Oracle?. I also would like to know where does UNIX shell Scripting help in terms of development of a application in Oracle? I have no clue in the subject so do help me. Thank You Neelima 1084
i am prepairing for 2+ yrs exp in oracle/unix production support,can u tell me which type issue comes in server plz help 4991
I want to invest in learning things that will get me good jobs in future. But wondering if Unix knowledge is something that is a MUST have or is it better to do any Data-warehouse tool (cognos, Qclik view, ETL etc..). Please suggest me. 917
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