OOPS Interview Questions
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How is the using() pattern useful? What is IDisposable? How does it support deterministic finalization?


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Contrast OOP and SOA. What are tenets of each?


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why c++ is called OOPS? waht is inherutance? what is compiler?

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What normal C constructs work differently in C++?

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Why and when is a virtual destructor needed?

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Why a "operator=(...)" when there is a copy ctor?

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what is object slicing?

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who is the founder of c++?

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//what is wrong with the programme?? #include template class dd { first i; public: void set(); void print(); }; void dd< first>:: set() { cin>>i; } void dd< first>::print() { cout<<"\n"<g; g.set(); g.print(); }

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what is an instance of a class

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What is a class?

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What is an object?


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What is the difference between an object and a class?

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What is the difference between class and structure?

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What is public, protected, private?


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I have One image (means a group photo ) how to split the faces only from the image?............ please send the answer nagadurgaraju@gmail.com thanks in advace...


They started with the brief introduction followed by few basic C++ questions on polumorphism, inheritance and then virtual functions. What is polymorphims? How you will access polymorphic functions in C? How virtual function mechanism works?


program for insertion ,deletion,sorting in double link list


what's the basic's in dot net


if i have same function with same number of argument but defined in different files. Now i am adding these two files in a third file and calling this function . which will get called and wht decide the precedence?


How to call a non virtual function in the derived class by using base class pointer


write a code for this:trailer recordId contains a value other than 99, then the file must error with the reason ‘Invalid RECORD_ID’(User Defined Exception).


Give an example where we have to specifically use C programming language and C++ programming language cannot be used?


class type to basic type conversion


String = "C++ is an object oriented programming language.An imp feature of oops is classes and objects".Write a pgm to count the repeated words from this scenario?


design a c++ class for the chess board,provide a c++ class definition for such class(only class definition is required)


what is the 3 types of system development life cycle


Write a C++ program without using any loop (if, for, while etc) to print prime numbers from 1 to 100 and 100 to 1 (Do not use 200 print statements!!!)


class CTest { public: void someMethod() { int nCount = 0; cout << "This is some method --> " << nCount; } }; int main() { CTest *pctest; pctest->someMethod(); return 0; } It will executes the someMethod() and displays the value too. how is it possible with our creating memory for the class . i think iam not creating object for the class. Thanks in Advance... Prakash