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create a c++ program that will ask 10 numbers and display their sum using array.    1  2105
What is the difference between pass by value,pass by pointer,pass by reference in the catch block in the exception handling in c++ tcs   1  2148
write a progra in c++ using class & object to find out wheather a given no. is prim or not.    2  7432
Petrol pump mgt. system: To design a program that display an interface for the sale of the Petrol and then make the entries at the backend in the database. wipro   1  2212
what are the uses of C++    1  1525
What are the fields of vtable mphasis   1  2033
How to overload new operator in c++    2  1959
How to overload postfix operator in c++ mphasis   1  1785
why to use operator overloading    3  2166
Difference between vector and array    2  2023
what is the use of template classes in c++    1  1482
what is new operator in c++    1  1872
why the memory allocated with new cant be freed using free()    2  2006
why to use template classes in c++?    1  1268
What is ambiguity in c++ mphasis   3  10283
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Un-Answered Questions
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write knight tour problem which is present in datastructure 1066
How to Increment the value of the empid E001 for each and every employee by using the programe? 648
Write a c++ program to display pass and fail for three student using static member function 1395
They started with the brief introduction followed by few basic C++ questions on polumorphism, inheritance and then virtual functions. What is polymorphims? How you will access polymorphic functions in C? How virtual function mechanism works? 345
what is the drawback of classical methods in oops? 1722
hi, this is raju,iam studying 2nd year,iam want know about group1 and group2 details, and we can studying without going to any instutions? please help me. 528
officer say me - i am offered to a smoking , then what can you say 542
Get me an image implementation program. 490
i am getting an of the type can not convert int to int *. to overcome this problem what we should do? 596
Prepare me a program for the animation of train 911
what are the different types of qualifier in java? 665
How to reverse a sentence in c program ex: ram is a good boy answer: boy good a is ram 1252
explain sub-type and sub class? atleast u have differ it into 4 points? 793
what is the 3 types of system development life cycle 1178
Hi friends I have experience of 6 months in website design and maintanence. Now i am looking for other IT jobs.. to switch platform. please post any interview you know in chennai. 647
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