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What are the fields of vtable mphasis   1  1122
How to overload new operator in c++    2  1054
How to overload postfix operator in c++ mphasis   1  944
why to use operator overloading    3  884
Difference between vector and array    2  872
what is the use of template classes in c++    1  650
what is new operator in c++    1  557
why the memory allocated with new cant be freed using free()    2  824
why to use template classes in c++?    1  468
What is ambiguity in c++ mphasis   2  2317
class type to basic type conversion    0  319
what is main difference between object oriented object base wipro   2  986
what are the characteristics of oops? niit   6  5923
what is the main difference between sizeof() operator in c and c++    3  1789
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Un-Answered Questions
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just right the logic of it 1--> If few people are electing then every time ur candidate should win 2--> arrange books in box, if box carry weight == books weight then take another box..... find the no of box required. 819
hi all..i want to know oops concepts clearly can any1 explain?? 254
How Do you Code Composition and Aggregation in C++ ? 14535
Write a program to sort the number with different sorts in one program ?? 329
what is difference between class template and template class? 32
write a C++ program for booking using constructor and destructor. 124
what are the ways in which a constructors can be called? 226
officer say me - i am offered to a smoking , then what can you say 200
write a code for this:trailer recordId contains a value other than 99, then the file must error with the reason ‘Invalid RECORD_ID’(User Defined Exception). 296
This program numbers the lines found in a text file. Write a program that reads text from a file and outputs each line preceded by a line number. Print the line number right-adjusted in a field of 3 spaces. Follow the line number with a colon, then one space, then the text of the line. You should get a character at a time and write code to ignore leading blanks on each line. You may assume that the lines are short enough to fit within a line on the screen. Otherwise, allow default printer or screen output behavior if the line is too long (i.e., wrap or truncate). A somewhat harder version determines the number of spaces needed in the field for the line numbers by counting lines before processing the lines of the file. This version of the program should insert a new line after the last complete word that will fit within a 72-character line. 242
explain sub-type and sub class? atleast u have differ it into 4 points? 328
How to call a non virtual function in the derived class by using base class pointer 1238
how to find the correct email address format by using the programe? 445
to find out the minimum of two integer number of two different classes using friend function 180
They started with the brief introduction followed by few basic C++ questions on polumorphism, inheritance and then virtual functions. What is polymorphims? How you will access polymorphic functions in C? How virtual function mechanism works? 158
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