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Petrol pump mgt. system: To design a program that display an interface for the sale of the Petrol and then make the entries at the backend in the database. wipro   1  1966
what are the uses of C++    1  1280
What are the fields of vtable mphasis   1  1817
How to overload new operator in c++    2  1740
How to overload postfix operator in c++ mphasis   1  1559
why to use operator overloading    3  1778
Difference between vector and array    2  1765
what is the use of template classes in c++    1  1263
what is new operator in c++    1  1548
why the memory allocated with new cant be freed using free()    2  1697
why to use template classes in c++?    1  1104
What is ambiguity in c++ mphasis   3  9064
class type to basic type conversion    0  669
what is main difference between object oriented object base wipro   2  1643
what are the characteristics of oops? niit   7  15826
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Un-Answered Questions
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Please send ford technologies placement paper 2 my mail id 499
can inline function declare in private part of class? 1692
define oops concept with example 486
i am getting an of the type can not convert int to int *. to overcome this problem what we should do? 511
write a code for this:trailer recordId contains a value other than 99, then the file must error with the reason ‘Invalid RECORD_ID’(User Defined Exception). 555
what is difference between class template and template class? 780
if i have same function with same number of argument but defined in different files. Now i am adding these two files in a third file and calling this function . which will get called and wht decide the precedence? 858
How to Increment the value of the empid E001 for each and every employee by using the programe? 554
How Do you Code Composition and Aggregation in C++ ? 18243
What is Difeerence between List obj=new ArrayList(); and ArrayList obj=new ArrayList()? 915
What is byval and byref? What are differences between them? 410
How to use CMutex, CSemaphore in VC++ MFC 1991
which feature are not hold visual basic of oop? 499
What is the renewal class? 882
Write a C++ program without using any loop (if, for, while etc) to print prime numbers from 1 to 100 and 100 to 1 (Do not use 200 print statements!!!) 545
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