Advanced Java Interview Questions
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how i secure my site with the https protocol.what are the steps?


what is singleton class? where it mainly used in the projects?

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In a multitiered application which tier is the browser in?


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In a multitiered application which tier is the browser in?


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Connection Pooling with different type of databases?

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Hi I have joined java course. I also want additional help from any tutorials website. Please suggest me tutorials which provides easy to understand online applet tutorials?


diffrence between jsp and servelts.

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In connection pool,when 100 clients are requesting, in pool 100 objects is there, when another client is making request how it will work

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What is checkpoint? How to create checkpoints in our java projects?


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what is domain,give me some brief information about that?

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In real time project when will we use Abstract class. and what are the difference between abstract and interface.

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can any one tell me how to learn good coding techniques

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hi, All are saying that now software field position is not good and in 5-10yrs total software field ll be saturated . is it true? i am unable decide ii continue in this field or not please tell me?

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what is the diffrence between banking and insurance domain?

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In HashTable I am storing null value..then what is the error it will show

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How database connectivity in XML is achieved?


whats is statement and procedure


What is TL and its use?


What is the form of storage space in java?


we use MainFrame and using os390 for operating system with DB2 data base in IRAN and interest programing with java and use webspere for world wide,please help me where i should start?


What is colon_pkg_prefixes and what is its use?


Where we can write Rmi registry in the code, without having to write it at the command prompt?


Why use a datasource when you can directly specify a connection details? (in a J2EE application)


why static class in java


What is the difference between static and non-static with examples?


cud u help me ... i am struggling with this question... to find all the subsets of a given set for ex.... a,,b,c shud give all the subsets.... i gt the program in c bt nt able to get it in java..... help needed ..


Name the class that is used to bind the server object with RMI Registry?


Define the remote object implementation?


what are the activation groupworks?


what are getters and setters in Java with examples?