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What are the sequence of steps to write pub or sub model kind of application? tcs   0  676
What are the steps to write p-to-p model application?    0  864
Write a program on RMI and JDBC using StoredProcedure?    1  2409
Why is main purpose of XML?    5  8287
What is UniCastRemoteObject and what is its use in RMI?    5  11768
Why threads will block on I/O?    2  4517
When you will synchronize your code?    2  2236
What is the initial state, When a thread is created and started?    3  4311
What state a thread enters, When it blocks on I/O?    2  1871
How messaging services are done, before release of JMS?    0  441
What is the name of the state, when a thread is executing?    4  2448
When a thread terminates its processing, it enters into what state?    1  4404
What method MUST be implemented by all threads?    1  4385
To make an object to begin executing as a separate thread, what method is used?    2  1605
What is thread deadlock? How to resolve thread deadlock?    3  3823
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Un-Answered Questions
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difference between  ejb,struts,hibernate,spring and jsp 582
Describe activation process? 668
what is handle? 685
how to make a index.jsp for running the site in internet and find an error for connection with weblogic server and java that give an error invalid object name.and how to maintain session. 705
what is activation monitor and what is its job? 827
how the action can be map from jsp page to bean class in mvc1 471
What is a policy? 617
Name the class that is used to bind the server object with RMI Registry? 640
what is a portable component? 438
how do you Handle Front End Application data against DB with example? 140
Difference between DurableSubscription and non- DurableSubscription? 652
list the types of dialodg 386
How task's priority is used in scheduling? 590
Describe responsibilities of Activator? 473
What is scalable, portability in the view of J2EE? 670
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