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What method MUST be implemented by all threads?    1  2522
To make an object to begin executing as a separate thread, what method is used?    2  1065
What is thread deadlock? How to resolve thread deadlock?    3  1720
What is TL and its use?    0  391
What is the return type of interrupt method?    2  1177
Explain the purposes of methods wait(), notify(), notifyAll ()?    1  1291
Name the method to find, if a thread is active or not?    2  2602
To identify IDL language what mapping mechanism is used?    0  851
What is the main functionality of RRL(Remote Reference Layer)?    3  2052
Explain the stub's and skeleton's functionality?    7  3984
Difference between DurableSubscription and non- DurableSubscription?    0  379
Difference between sleep and suspend?    3  5208
What are preemptive scheduling and time slicing and what is the difference between them?    1  2876
What is the difference between RMI and Corba?    0  384
What is the difference between Process and Threads?    19  30220
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is scalable, portability in the view of J2EE? 360
Have you used threads in Servelet? 434
what is a non-repeatable read? 417
What is a convertor? 296
Why use a datasource when you can directly specify a connection details? (in a J2EE application) 1124
how to make a index.jsp for running the site in internet and find an error for connection with weblogic server and java that give an error invalid object name.and how to maintain session. 451
To identify IDL language what mapping mechanism is used? 851
How primary key is implemented in Oracle? 433
In RMI, inorder to sent the stub reference to the client, is we have to load the server object first into the memory or can we directly sent reference to the client? 323
Why use POJO when I can use hashmap 20
whats is statement and procedure 257
what is an isolation level? 324
How to deploy Jar, War files in J2EE? 600
AS a developer will u create a data source in connection pool? If so how will u do that, how to access the object from connection pool using IRAD tool? 320
How database connectivity in XML is achieved? 418
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