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How do you maintain a stateful session object across the session hcl   2  4951
How do u supress the parameters from the displaying in the url?    2  3129
Urgent Openings for Java and .NET ( India, Singapore, Australia, Japan) wipro   2  10841
Why RMI required an interface?    1  2149
which type of objects reference will be given to client?    0  875
What is colon_pkg_prefixes and what is its use?    0  961
what is the use of State Factories?    0  835
what is the use of Object Factories?    1  2053
what is the port number of RMI?    2  15779
Describe responsibilities of Activator?    0  509
what is the proxy pattern?    1  1232
what is activation monitor and what is its job?    0  885
what is heepStored?    1  1406
what is handle?    0  750
Describe activation process?    0  724
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Un-Answered Questions
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Why use a datasource when you can directly specify a connection details? (in a J2EE application) 1874
What is colon_pkg_prefixes and what is its use? 961
What are the steps to write p-to-p model application? 910
What is scalable, portability in the view of J2EE? 710
Difference between DurableSubscription and non- DurableSubscription? 704
how to use debug in my elipse to solve problems that exist in my project 670
To identify IDL language what mapping mechanism is used? 1965
A user of a web application sees a jsessionid argument in the URL whenever a resource is accessed. What does this mean? a. The form must have the field jsessionid b. URL rewriting is used as the session method c. Cookies are used for managing sessions 801
Where we can write Rmi registry in the code, without having to write it at the command prompt? 1019
how the action can be map from jsp page to bean class in mvc1 520
cud u help me ... i am struggling with this question... to find all the subsets of a given set for ex.... a,,b,c shud give all the subsets.... i gt the program in c bt nt able to get it in java..... help needed .. 459
what are getters and setters in Java with examples? 196
Describe activation process? 724
Why use POJO when I can use hashmap 864
we use MainFrame and using os390 for operating system with DB2 data base in IRAN and interest programing with java and use webspere for world wide,please help me where i should start? 775
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