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Outline and discuss the main fields in Ethernet IEEE 802.3 frame. What are the main objectives of preamble ?


What is the average number of transmission required to send a frame of length 1600 bytes correctly, if the bit error rate is 1 x 10-6.


Explain what is meant by the term ‘integrated service digital network’. Give three reasons a company might choose an ISDN link in preference to a leased line.


Subnet the class C network address into eight subnets. Why are the ‘all ones’ and ‘all zeroes’ subnets not used ?


What do you understand by the term ‘structured cabling’. State the main rules that should be used when installing a cable. 31. Show that maximum cabling area for LAN for horizontal cabling runs is approximately 200m.


What are the various classes of IP addressing? Calculate the maximum number of class A, B and C network Ids.


Why is a data link layer switch preferred over a hub ?


Which device is needed to connect two LANs with different network Ids ?


When is a translating bridge used ?


Can a switch be used to connect two LANs with different network IDs ?


Write two ways in which computer applications differ from network applications ?


What is count to infinity problem ?


What was the reason for selecting a speed of 155.52 Mbps in the original ATM standard ?


Contrast link state and distance vector routing protocols, giving an example of each.


What is ISO-OSI reference model ? Compare it with TCP/IP reference model.


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How do cryptography-based keys ensure the validity of data transferred across the network?


How to communicate between difference process?


What is the baud rate of a standard 10 mbps Ethernet LAN ?


Differentiate between stop-and wait ARQ and Go-back-N protocol.


in linux what is the last ver to use of bootloader lilo,after lilo not use in linux and only use upper ver grub?


what happens when two consigitive ports of switch are connacted using one cross cabel with each other?(how the whole network gets down)


Explain Any Standalnoe Application with rispect to OSI model, letus Consider Voice Recognition....!! One Has To tell function of all layers with rispect to given Application.


How does a token ring network work ? In what way is it different from Ethernet ?


up to which ver of linux using lilo boot loader? last ver of linux.


Explain Various fields in Ethernet frame format


Subnet the class C network address into eight subnets. Why are the ‘all ones’ and ‘all zeroes’ subnets not used ?


what is the command to check how many port numbers are running with their specific protocols in linux pc


Does Ethernet 10Gbps support multiple access


1. What ports does FTP traffic travel over? 2. What ports does mail traffic utilize? 3. What ports do HTTP and HTTPS use? 4. Why is NTP required in an NFS network? 5. Name some common mal software on the server side 6. What is CPAN? How do you access it? 7. What is PEAR? 8. What advantages does mod_perl have over a perl CGI? 9. What is required to do SSL in Apache 1.x? 10. What is Tcl? 11. What is a servlet engine/container? 12. What is BIND? 13. Name the steps to setup a slave zone in BIND 14. Name the steps to setup a primary zone in BIND 15. What commands would you use under Solaris or Linux to modify/view an LDAP tree?


I need to know the driver name associated with the DSN ? In java we can get it by using getDriverName()(implemented by 3rd party vendors.) method ? but i need the implemetation to get the driver name? so can u give me the code ? how to get the code ?