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How much is size of struct having 1 char & 1 integer? persistent   11  2842
Generally variables are stored in heap memory. When he variables are created in stack? persistent   4  2024
Ask to write virtual base class code? satyam   0  300
What is size of Empty Class? persistent   3  2539
If there are 1 to 100 Numbers in array of 101 elements. Which is the easy way to find repeated number? persistent   2  2444
Copy Linked List using recursive function? persistent   2  2097
which is the easy way to divide any integer by 2? persistent   2  1584
write a short note on Overloading of Binary Operator?    2  2657
what is polymorphism?    4  1507
difference between class and object magic-soft   9  2227
What is the expansion of OOPS? tcs   24  6516
which is best institue to learn C/C++ IN AMEERPET OR MAITHRIVANAM OR SR NAGAR, PLEASE HELP. THANKS IN ADVANCE    5  1352
why freind function takes more parameter than normal member function in c++? ibm   1  1177
Why static Function is used in C++? tcs   4  2436
i have to create a view in SQL as like in ORACLE DATA EXPRESS EDITION cts   2  687
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Un-Answered Questions
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what are the iterator and generic algorithms. 219
can inline function declare in private part of class? 487
I have One image (means a group photo ) how to split the faces only from the image?............ please send the answer thanks in advace... 227
what is the sylabus for priliminaries? 245
What are the general quetions are in DEna bank manager IT/System interviews? 231
Write a single instruction that will store an EVEN random integer between 54 and 212 inclusive in the variable myran. (NOTE only generate EVEN random numbers) 220
Write a program that takes a 5 digit number and calculates 2 power that number and prints it. 235
Can you help me with this one? Make a program that when a user inputed a Product Name, it will display its price, and when the user inputed the quantity of the inputed product, it will show its total price. The output must be like this: Product Name: Price: Quantity: Total Price: ..this is the list of products to be inputed: Cellphone - 1500 Washing Machine - 5200 Television - 6000 Refrigirator - 8000 Oven - 2000 Computer - 11000 thanks..:D 331
write a program that withdrawals,deposits,balance check,shows mini statement. (using functions,pointers and arrays) 345
Describe how to safeguard a system through acquisition of an antivirus Program and systematic backup. 334
How to reverse a sentence in c program ex: ram is a good boy answer: boy good a is ram 374
What is the renewal class? 532
what is the drawback of classical methods in oops? 753
write a corrected statement in c++ so that the statement will work properly. x = y = z + 3a; 161
Why is it so that we can have virtual constructors but we cannot have virtual destructors? 824
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