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Generally variables are stored in heap memory. When he variables are created in stack? persistent   4  1979
Ask to write virtual base class code? satyam   0  292
What is size of Empty Class? persistent   3  2508
If there are 1 to 100 Numbers in array of 101 elements. Which is the easy way to find repeated number? persistent   2  2394
Copy Linked List using recursive function? persistent   2  2056
which is the easy way to divide any integer by 2? persistent   2  1557
write a short note on Overloading of Binary Operator?    2  2595
what is polymorphism?    4  1480
difference between class and object magic-soft   9  2157
What is the expansion of OOPS? tcs   24  6318
which is best institue to learn C/C++ IN AMEERPET OR MAITHRIVANAM OR SR NAGAR, PLEASE HELP. THANKS IN ADVANCE    5  1292
why freind function takes more parameter than normal member function in c++? ibm   1  1157
Why static Function is used in C++? tcs   4  2378
i have to create a view in SQL as like in ORACLE DATA EXPRESS EDITION cts   2  658
what is data abstraction with example.    1  1197
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Un-Answered Questions
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Perform addition, multiplication, subtraction of 2-D array using Operator Overloading. 1321
Get me a number puzzle game-program 297
can output 5 students using one dimensional array 40
i got a backdoor offer in process global,Bangalore..Can i work with it? 540
Program to check whether a word is a sub-string or not of a string typed 297
how to explain our contribution in the project? 185
Q1. A. What is unary operator? List out the different operators involved in the unary operator. B. What is an adjust field format flag? Q2. A. Distinguish between a # include and #define. B. Can a list of string be stored within a two dimensional array? Q3. A.Explain how a pointer to function can be declared in C++? B.List the merits and demerits of declaring a nested class in C++? Q4. A. What are the syntactic rules to be avoid ambiguity in multiple inheritence? B. Explain the operation of overloading of an assignment operator. Q5. A. Explain how the virtual base class is different from the conventional base classes of the opps. B. Explain how an exception handler is defined and invoked in a Program. Q6. A. What is a binary file? List the merits and demerits of the binary file usagein C++. B. Write short notes on Text Manipulation Routines. C. Write bites in Turbo c++ Header (“Include”) Files. 785
what are the ways in which a constructors can be called? 223
Write A Program to find the ambiguities in Multiple Inheritance? How are they resolved.(Virtual Functions) 674
help me i need a c++ program which takes sequesnce of characters and outputed sequence of their token taypes, work same compiler in lexical analysis phase 355
i want a road rash 3d game code if some one know please help me 672
Write an algorithm that determines whether or not an almost complete binary tree is a heap. 668
They started with the brief introduction followed by few basic C++ questions on polumorphism, inheritance and then virtual functions. What is polymorphims? How you will access polymorphic functions in C? How virtual function mechanism works? 150
what is difference between class template and template class? 16
Ask to write virtual base class code? 292
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