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They will ask u question about single linked list?. Write Code for to insert delete node. persistent   2  1740
How much is size of struct having 1 char & 1 integer? persistent   11  2921
Generally variables are stored in heap memory. When he variables are created in stack? persistent   4  2062
Ask to write virtual base class code? satyam   0  303
What is size of Empty Class? persistent   3  2553
If there are 1 to 100 Numbers in array of 101 elements. Which is the easy way to find repeated number? persistent   2  2477
Copy Linked List using recursive function? persistent   2  2131
which is the easy way to divide any integer by 2? persistent   2  1602
write a short note on Overloading of Binary Operator?    2  2697
what is polymorphism?    4  1528
difference between class and object magic-soft   9  2273
What is the expansion of OOPS? tcs   24  6643
which is best institue to learn C/C++ IN AMEERPET OR MAITHRIVANAM OR SR NAGAR, PLEASE HELP. THANKS IN ADVANCE    5  1397
why freind function takes more parameter than normal member function in c++? ibm   1  1194
Why static Function is used in C++? tcs   4  2465
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Un-Answered Questions
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If P is the population on the first day of the year, B is the birth rate, and D is the death rate, the estimated population at the end of the year is given by the formula: The population growth rate is given by the formula: B – D Write a program that prompts the user to enter the starting population, birth and death rates, and n, the number of years. The program should then calculate and print the estimated population after n years. Your program must have at least the following functions: 1. growthRate: This function takes its parameters the birth and death rates, and it returns the population growth rate. 2. estimatedPopulation: This function takes its parameters the current population, population growth rate, and n, the number of years. It returns the estimated population after n years Your program should not accept a negative birth rate, negative death rate, or a population less than 2. please answer my question .... 349
which feature are not hold visual basic of oop? 252
write a corrected statement so that the instruction will work properly. if (4 < x < 11) y = 2 * x; 149
Snake Game: This is normal snake game which you can find in most of the mobiles. You can develop it in Java, C/C++, C# or what ever language you know. 354
Write a c++ program to display pass and fail for three student using static member function 571
how to connect with oracle 9i with server in socket program in c/c++ 274
Write a single instruction that will store an EVEN random integer between 54 and 212 inclusive in the variable myran. (NOTE only generate EVEN random numbers) 221
I want explanation for this assignment: how to connect mysql database using c/c++,please explain this detailly? 207
A mXn matrix is given and rows and column are sorted as shown below.Write a function that search a desired entered no in the matrix .with minimum complexity 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 769
Give two or more real cenario of virtual function and vertual object 228
why reinterpret cast is considered dangerous? 152
write a program to find 2 power of a 5digit number with out using big int and exponent ? 308
Please send ford technologies placement paper 2 my mail id 297
class base { public: int fun(int) {} }; class base2 { public: int fun(float) { } }; so here qustion is both function either function overloading or over riding; 597
hi all..i want to know oops concepts clearly can any1 explain?? 263
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