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char* ptr = "Rahul"; *ptr++; printf("%s",ptr); What will be the output persistent   9  5525
How to use CMutex, CSemaphore in VC++ MFC persistent   0  1966
What is design patterns in C++? persistent   2  8271
if there is binary tree which one is the easiest way to delete all child node? persistent   1  3245
They will ask u question about single linked list?. Write Code for to insert delete node. persistent   2  2472
How much is size of struct having 1 char & 1 integer? persistent   11  5502
Generally variables are stored in heap memory. When he variables are created in stack? persistent   4  3287
Ask to write virtual base class code? satyam   0  883
What is size of Empty Class? persistent   3  3381
If there are 1 to 100 Numbers in array of 101 elements. Which is the easy way to find repeated number? persistent   2  4003
Copy Linked List using recursive function? persistent   2  3603
which is the easy way to divide any integer by 2? persistent   2  2571
write a short note on Overloading of Binary Operator?    2  5210
what is polymorphism?    4  2279
difference between class and object magic-soft   10  4019
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Un-Answered Questions
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write a program that will accept a number and print.its equivalent in words the maximum input number is 9999 1062
A prime number is a number which is divisible only by itself and 1. Examples of the first few primes are 2, 3, 5, 7, 11. Consider writing a program which can generate prime numbers for you. Your program should read in and set a maximum prime to generate and a minimum number to start with when looking for primes. This program should be able to perform the following tasks: 1. Read the maximum number from user (keyboard input) to look for primes. The program should not return any primes greater than this number. 2. Read the minimum number from user (keyboard input) to look for primes. The program should not return any primes less than this number. 3. Generate and print out every prime number between the maximum prime and minimum number specified by the user. 429
just right the logic of it 1--> If few people are electing then every time ur candidate should win 2--> arrange books in box, if box carry weight == books weight then take another box..... find the no of box required. 3541
Snake Game: This is normal snake game which you can find in most of the mobiles. You can develop it in Java, C/C++, C# or what ever language you know. 1175
write a program to enter a string like"sunil is a good boy and seeking for a job" not more than 10 characters including space in one line,rest characters should b in other line.if the next line starts from in between the previous word,then print whole word to next line. 531
what is the sylabus for priliminaries? 448
how to find the correct email address format by using the programe? 899
why reinterpret cast is considered dangerous? 481
write a code for this. serial_number contained in the header of the file will be read , if this serial number is less than a previous serial number within a successfully processed file, or is the same as another serial number within a successfully processed file, or if the field contains anything other than 7 digits, then the file must error with the reason ‘Invalid SERIAL_NUMBER’. 548
how can i access a direct (absolute, not the offset) memory address? here is what i tried: wrote a program that ask's for an address from the user, creates a FAR pointer to that adress and shows it. then the user can increment/decrement the value in that address by pressing p(inc+) and m(dec-). NOW, i compiled that program and opened it twice (in 2 different windows) and gave twice the same address to it. now look what happen - if i change the value in one "window" of the program, it DOES NOT change in the other! even if they point to the same address in the memory! here is the code snippet: //------------------------------------------------------ #include <stdio.h> //INCLUDE EVERY KNOWN HEADER FILE #include <conio.h> //FOR ANY CASE... #include <iostream.h> #include <dos.h> #include <process.h> main() { int far *ptr; //FAR POINTER!!! long address; char key=0; //A KEY FROM THE KEYBOARD int temp=0; clrscr(); cout<<"Enter Address:"; cin>>hex>>address; //GETS THE ADDRESS clrscr(); (long)ptr=address; temp=*ptr; //PUTS THE ADDRESS IN THE PTR cout<<"["<<hex<<(unsigned long)ptr<<"]="<<*ptr<<" = "<< (char)(*ptr); //SHOWS: [address]=value=ASCII symbol. while (key!=27) //WHILE YOU DONT PRESS ESC. { while(!kbhit()) //WHILE KEY IS NOT PRESSED { if (temp!=*ptr) { temp=*ptr; clrscr(); cout<<"["<<hex<< (unsigned long)ptr<<"]="<<*ptr<<" = "<<(char)(*ptr); }; //IF THE VALUE HAS CHANGED, CLEAR THE SCREEN AND SHOW //AGAIN if (key=='p') {key=0; (*ptr)++; } //INCREMENT VALUE if (key=='m') {key=0; (*ptr)--; } //DEC. VALUE }; key=getch(); //IF A KEY IS PRESSED, READ IT FROM THE //KEYBOARD }; return 0; //IF ESC WAS THE KEY, EXIT THE PROGRAM } //--------------------------------------------------------- 475
write knight tour problem which is present in datastructure 883
what is the difference between linear list linked representaion and linked representation? what is the purpose of representing the linear list in linked represention ? is it not avoiding rules of linear represention? 400
Is there any error below, its a code to delete all entires from a map #include <map> #include iostream.h int main() { int i =0; map <int, char> TestMap; while(i<3) { TesMap.insert(TestMap::value_type(i,Test)); i++; } typedef map<int, char> :: iterator mapIter =TestMap.begin(); if(mapIter!=TestMap.end()) { TestMap.erase(mapItrer); ++mapIter; } return 0; } 519
Assume an array of structure is in order by studentID field of the record, where student IDs go from 101 to 500. Write the most efficient pseudocode algorithm you can to find the record with a specific studentID if every single student ID from 101 to 500 is used and the array has 400 elements. Write the most efficient pseudocode algorithm you can to find a record with a studentID near the end of the IDs, say in the range from 450 to 500, if not every single student ID in the range of 101 to 500 is used and the array size is only 300 501
what are the ways in which a constructors can be called? 409
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