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what is repo and revers repo ?why they need to use in stock market ? icici   1  1643
wht is overdrafting and where we have to shown.    3  1718
in BRS. cash book and pass book has Dr. side and Cr. side If we issued a cheque where we have to show that amount in both.    3  4012
what is drawbacks of account tcs   2  1829
any other advice to prepare b.r.s easly    1  2158
Any one give some questions and answers . B.R.S, and tally9.0    2  3639
wht is bills receivable and bills payable    2  3079
what is finance what is bpo why do u want join a BPO types of process in BPO Company's    0  390
What is the Capitalmarket and speech 10 min in capital market? What is Mean by Share,Dividend,mutualfund, detail answer? details of Share market? What is mean by nav & npv over all finance related interview question? tcs   1  2830
Kindly solve the following problem. Financial accounting. 1. Bheema does not maintain his book in the double entry system . His books showed following facts. Receipts for the year ended 31.12.2007 from sundry Debtors 17625.00 Cash sales 4125.00 paid by bheema (proprietor) 2500.00 total 24250.00 payments made for the year ended 31.02.2007 new machinery purchased 625.00 drawings 1500.00 wages 6725.00 salaries 1125.00 interestpaid 75.00 telephone 125.00 Rent 1200.00 lighting 475.00 sundry expenses 2125.00 sundry creditors 7625.00 total 21600.00 Assets and Liabilities As on 31.12.2006 As at 31.12.2007 sundry creditors 2525.00 2400.00 sundry Debtors 3750.00 6125.00 Bank 625.00 ? stock 6250.00 3125.00 plant 7500.00 7315.00 from the Above data , prepare TRADING A/C, PROFFIT & LOSS A/C for the year ended 31st december 2007 and the BALANCE SHEET as on on that date. Kindly solve the problem    3  4373
what is the qualification needed for a BPO job?    3  6679
state the circumstance under which an agreement is viod abinitio. l&t   2  3837
define export sales contract. distinguish between export sales contract and domestic sales contract. l&t   1  6156
what is the difference between draft and cheque niit   3  2349
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Meaning of portfolio management? 467
business sepsarate entity concepts 324
Provision of Bad Debts is made in compliance with the convention of ----------- 305
Have you worked with other on team endeavors 393
Why we have to present first and second draft(Bill of Exchange) for bank negotiation.Why cant we present only One draft? 1151
describe the most complex challenge that you have faced and how you managed it 707
The cost equation y= $0 + $1.60x represents which type of cost? Variable, Fixed, or Mixed 485
What is money measurement concept 490
while passing a journal entry we rite dr. for the a/c to be debited but why don't we write cr. for the a/c which is credited and instead write 'TO'?? 353
What is corporate restructuring? 750
wat is the fundamental analysys& technical analasys?and wat is the difference bewween fundamental analysys&technical analasys? 285
how to entry in tally for other person check received 197
i have interview in KVB on 12-12-08. so Please send me some questions asked in previous interviews contucted by KVB? 450
plz send me a solved paper on SBI of clerk post 580
Hi any one send me the configuration steps for make to order and make to stock in sap .send to my mail id 497
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