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what is the meaning of interim period?    2  4128
In direct and indirect expenses we know direct means expenses incured durning prodution process, indirect means expenses incureed after prodution process, apart from manufacturing concern , what do mean by direct & indirect expenses.    3  2623
what is finance    5  2196
what is the difference between direct income and indirect income. pleases explain with example.    12  79402
If I purchased a machinary of Rs. 50,000 and Received a free printer of Rs. 3000 . What its Accounting entry?    15  6523
What is the three rules of Account & what is debit and credit ca   8  2500
what is direct tax or inderect tax? all uses form with fill up full?    3  2212
what is the meaning of fbt? tell me diffrent type of fbt rate? & when it will consider in accounting?    2  5586
what is actual meaning of Tax Deduction at source genpact   10  13242
what is the deadline of filing tds return of salary & other than salary ? how to prepare quartterly return file of tds ? please explain in details.    4  5261
what is the procedure to charge depreciation under provision method? please pass the journal entres showing provision method of depreciation.    1  1763
Why the closing stock will not appear in the Trial Balance?    2  2280
what is entry for depreciation? opi-global   44  38426
if closing stock appears in the trial balance what is the sollution hcl   7  3430
If you get excess of cash Rs. 2000/- than what actually CashA/c shows. As an account what do U do?    3  1910
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is different b/w current a/c and savings a/c? 413
what is general HR? 404
What is the difference between horizontal balence sheet & vertical balence sheet explain in detail. 317
How do you plan to achieve these goals 652
what is the difference between Tally ERP and SAP FI ECC? 744
Expand--------SRTA 233
helo sir, i want to know the writen exam pattern for finance and accounts ang general apptitude test of ongc. 325
what is cost audit? 344
Suresh agreed to adjust Ramesh due amount of Rs 15000- from his credit balance 351
What is revaluation of Accounts, how does it is accounted in business 284
How Can Pass Credit Limit Entry If We Take Limit Of BANK I Maintain Of Account In Tally.ERP9 Than We Create Bank Ledger of Which Under 248
Expand RMP 252
We have a registered dealer under APVAT Act. Our company is manufacturing & marketing of seeds. seeds exempted under vat. recently we have purchased machinery for our new plant construction, against c form. now sales tax dept.not giving the c forms, because our final product is exempted, we are not eligible for c forms. kindly clarify. 656
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