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Give the balance sheet schedules ,what is differe tax, GIVE THE RATES OF DIFFERED TAX FOR THE YEAR 2008-09 vodafone   0  489
what is serviuce tax,how to calculate service tax?    13  45645
what is the diferenece between cost accounting & financial accounting, with example?    1  1728
how accountant calculatee depriciation    5  3140
how can make configration related with electronic bank statment and how can i upload bank statment to system    0  344
how can i make transaction related to inflation account in sap ?    0  389
how can i make configration relation with inflation in sap    0  354
what is the journal entries of a debit/credit notes in the books of seller and purchaser's A/C. accenture   7  36166
what is differred tax liability? explain in detail with some example.    0  625
what is VAT ? genpact   11  6193
what is TDS ?    2  2109
what is net turnover and how to calculate?    2  7972
what is a JOURNAL ENTRIES FOR ISSUING A dabit NOTE    10  7105
what is the meaning of interim period?    2  4240
In direct and indirect expenses we know direct means expenses incured durning prodution process, indirect means expenses incureed after prodution process, apart from manufacturing concern , what do mean by direct & indirect expenses.    3  2707
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Un-Answered Questions
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when calculating for np% do i include interest or do i take it off 726
When is a dedit note raised When is an expense booked 451
What do you mean Business 277
Harpithas due Rs 55000 was settled infull by taking Haris due Rs 12500 in adjustment Pass necessary entry 355
whst is detailed information aboutaccounting standards 20to 29 384
Can i make invoice when my client apply for TIN Number ? 46
Define capital 423
wages posted twice what is the entry for that? 673
Short answer on _______Amendment 236
What type of Questions are asked for Interview in Infosys - Financial Process. Any one who is into Research Analyst or Process Executive role, kindly contribute the Questions faced by you? 560
How to raise my credit score if I have 500 credit score? 265
In what cases can Convertible bonds be considerred as derivatives? 562
What accounting records must a non-company charity keep, and for how long? 386
what are the aspects an auditor has to see when he/she is doing the Purchase,Sales and Journal Vouching 297
Distinguish value andPrice 252
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