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How baddebts effects in trial balance and balancesheet?    1  1516
what is undisclosed profit? explain    0  628
what are the Bank Vouchers?how it is entered in books of accounts?    1  4208
what is revaluation of assets and liabilities? wipro   4  5722
Hi, I am preparing for Junior Accounts Officers test- APTRANSCO. Can any one suggest the model paper / Books available? Many Thanks in Advance Lakshmi aptransco   3  4635
why do you think you are sutable candidate for this post    0  309
How does the rendering of services on account affect the accounting equation? a. Liabilities increase; stockholder’s equity decreasesb. Assets increase; liabilities increase c. Assets decrease; stockholder’s equity increases d. Assets increase; stockholder’s equity increases    1  3136
what is live stock?    4  1657
What will be the entry in book, stock get destroyed in fire of Rs. 1,00,000/- in two circumstances i) Stock is insured. ii) and stock is un-insured. anm-associates   5  6376
In financial management why we calculate the cost of debt, (cost of capital) while rate of interest is given.    0  322
i am brijesh i geting annul packge 600000 can u help me how much i give tax to government    3  1557
do we have to learn all the shortcutkeys in tally.i am from non commerce background ,where should i start from.    0  286
what is the difference between tally9.0 and tally9.1 version    2  3573
what is ledger,journal,voucher.    7  16945
what is accounting    3  1644
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Un-Answered Questions
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Difference between cash and merchantile system? 539
What is wealth maximisation 317
Harpithas due Rs 55000 was settled infull by taking Haris due Rs 12500 in adjustment Pass necessary entry 330
Define The Term Journal And Explain The Present Day Use? 623
what are Equity shares,Preference shares,Bonus shares,Bond,Debentures,Dividend? 2486
Expand------------STRA 235
Expand-------SNAT 245
For what purpose ERS is used for? 622
Took goods from the shop for use at home? state whether the following transcation is business transcation or non business transaction? with reason?. 268
how u can control stock issuing raw materials practical way..basically in ,y org we r using bin cards,barcodes etc but somehow need more concentration... help me frds.. 290
Distinguish value andPrice 233
Expand-------ANTS 336
what is assessment? how many types of assessment will be there? and what is the documents and preparations for sales tax, service tax assessments?? 309
Short Answer on _____________Revenue Budget 255
PO Amount is 100000 Jv is Purpose A/c To Party A/c First payment is 10000 TDs is 1000 What is the Payment enter in tally 427
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