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what is the fullform of CRR, GDP& WHAT ARE CURRENT5 CRR & GDP


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What is bad debt ? how does it effects on Balance sheet and profit and loss account?

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Give a brief explanation of the fundamental accounting concept of prudence


What is the purpose of a bank reconciliation statement?

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Rent paid rs 2000 in Jan and feb 2009. What will the entry in Feb 1st 2009.

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What is back value adjustment/correction in Nostro Reconciliations?



Difference between post date and value date?


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what is the diff between reversal and cancellation entries?


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What is COVER payment?


This question mainly related to pay rolls in excel could i get the formulae for this an employee is working 8 hours in the company the excess of eight hours will be treated as o.t

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Credit Purchase entry

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with out college degree con't we dc accounting job?


Do you need an income statement if you do part time contract work at home?


describe the most complex challenge that you have faced and how you managed it


why the closing stock is not considered in drawing trail balance.... Are there any other items like the above


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Mr. X buys an asset of Rs. 1000/- in cash and with it get an free gold coin what is the general entry for this?


what is span of shares


Name some errors which can be detected by Trial Balance


Is interest of a business unit Operating Expense or Non Operating Expense


What is Accommodation Bill


what type of questions are asking for fund administration???


hi, what type of questions are asked in capital iq interview .plz let me know. thanks... venkat...


if a person join company on 01-04-04. after 5 year he is resigned on 31-03-09 and date of leaving is 14-04-09. Is he is on under gratuity payable or not? he is completed 5 years on 31-03-09. what is basis on calcultion on final settlement is date of resignation or date of leaving whcih is on 14-04-09.


What do you know about hyd? Tell something about hyd?


Harpithas due Rs 55000 was settled infull by taking Haris due Rs 12500 in adjustment Pass necessary entry


Dear All, myself B.k Singh graduate with B.Com and PGDBM - Finance, I was worked with Service Company for 6 yrs.Now past 2yrs working with Real Estate,moreover I want to some course short term, plz guide me.


What is the meaning of Debt reconciliation and how to do debt reconciliation?


Please do tell me about the questions which are asked at BACS FINAL ROUND.


Dear Sir, My qus is my co. purchase a laptop from for rs-37200 on credit Emi basis from hdfc bank. i paid every month 6200rs as a installment. so i want to know how i make a entry in tally 9. and also want to know i creat laptop ledger under fixed assets or office expenses. plz tel me soon.or mail me .


If a bank lends money to FFMC's for working capital requirement, whether the Bank can have charge on the currencies FFMC deal/exchange, by way of hypothecation or is it just a clean loan.