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Short answer on Allowances    0  317
Please mention the procedure of Deducted TDS on Salary? If My Salary is Rs.250000/- PA. than how to deduct TDS on it?    11  13570
where we use the convetion of conservatisam in real life?? cognizent   0  394
what is the difference between cash book and petty cash book? spectra-soft   10  21067
what is Contra Entry? capital-iq   9  6406
what is treasury stock capital-iq   3  2246
what is the difference between charge & appropriation capital-iq   3  7601
are you in need of accounting interview book. pl ask me with your e-mail for free book genpact   48  7191
42. G.Simkins sends back stock to J.J. Fabrics (a supplier), having originally purchased it on Credit. J.J. fabrics issued a Credit note for the value of these goods. In simkins’ books, the double entry for this transaction should be. a) Debit : J.J. Fabrics; Credit purchases b) Debit : purchases; credit J.J. Fabrics c) Debit : J.J. Fabrics; credit purchase returns d) Debit: purchases returns; credit J.J Fabrics. amazon   2  2433
40. If revenue was $70,000, expenses were $59,000, and the owner’s withdrawals were $25,000, the amount of net income or net loss was: a) net income of $11,000 b) Net income of $36,000 c) Net loss of $59,000 d) Net income of $70,000 capmark   3  3319
18. If the real gross domestic product of US has increased, but the production of goods remained the same, then the production of services has; a) Increases b) Decreases c) Remained same d) Would vary capital-iq   5  6594
16. Eurodollars are best described as =============== a) The new currency of the European Union b) A U.S dollar denominated deposit ….generally in a bank located outside the United States …that is not subject to US banking regulation. c) A currency deposited outside its country of origin d) A foreign..denominated deposit subject to US banking regulations wipro   5  8262
15. Which statement about ADRs is true? a) An ADR is the receipt for the shares of a foreign based corporation held in U.S bank b) ADRs do not trade on U.S exchange c) ADRs give non U.S investors a way to buy non US company shares in the US market. d) The holder of an ADR is entitled to only the dividends for the security factset   4  4999
13. The firm has 20,000 common shares authorized, 15,000 shares outstanding, and 3,000 shares of treasury stock. How much common equity shares are issued. a) 2,000 b) 5,000 c) 17,000 d) 18,000 factset   8  7566
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is debit/credit note ? what deffered income and expencess? 645
what are the certificates needed at the time of SBI clerical interview? 416
what is Exposure ? 299
EXPAND______________IARCS 283
Wat is the security analysys?what is portfolio management? wat is the difference between security analysys@portfolio management? 406
I've just started to work as an accounts executive and intending to take up SAP. Can anyone tell me what are the preparations required for me as an accountant to be a successful SAP consultant. 366
what are the aspects an auditor has to see when he/she is doing the Purchase,Sales and Journal Vouching 274
last date of tds deposit yearly,tds proforma challan 962
what are responsibilities of an accountant in a company? 499
Paid office electricity charges Rs 15000/- and Ram partners residence electricity charges 1250 thr andhra bank cheque 283
what is ledger account 282
what you mean by cross dunning 464
i have need full detail of tds rules and forms submitted dovetails 395
What is Summarising 468
If someone knows about the test pattern of Junior executive accounts than please share. 441
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