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An applicant paid excess amount to the Government Office through a demand draft for a particular permission/license instead of actual fees. Later he went to government office and requested to return the previously submitted demand draft. Can he get back the Previously submitted demand draft(which was not adjusted into government account) duly paying he actual fee?


what is meant by qurum


Hello to every body ... Its not its not a interview question In accounting field can we make Money ?


Ram retired from partnership. The partners with mutual consent agreed to put the capital balance as on the date of retirement as loan to the firm @ 18% pa. The credit balance to his capital account was Rs 325000/- Pass necessary entry


2Create a program that accepts a number and output its equivalent in words (maximum input number is 3000). for example Enter a number: 1380 one thousand three hundred eighty


where does the closing stock appears in the trial balance?


what are the steps used in UAT in Oracle Apps?


after directing tally 9 to calculate interest as per 30 day option basis on a loan account.........,it still calculates interest as per calender month when checked on to display>statements of accounts>interest payable in tally 9 ...where is the error?? how to correct the function.


please answer this question.the following balances were extracted from the books of modern traders on 31st dec, assets(45000)stock1-1-2010(15000)sundry debtors(20600)productive exp(3300)reserves fund(6600)discount received(800)cash in hand(6200)drawing(5000)accomulated dep.(9000)purchases(82000)bad debts(400)unproductive exp.(27400)sundry creditors(9000)sales(120000)cash at bank(25500).adjustments.stock on 31-12-2010(15000).outstanding wages (5000) write-off (600)of further bad debts. create provision for bad & doubtful debts at {5%) on debtors.unproductive expenses includes anitem of prepaid insurance (100).provide depreciation on original cost of fixed assets @ (10%).


difference betwwen the 4.6 & 4.7 ecc versions


what is data entry? what is report generation ?in accounting how it is used .


What are the benefits ofparticipation in a depository?


What is the Technology used to carry out trades?