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How do I raise a debit note    1  706
purchases for rs100. vat @ 10% and cash discount rs 5 what is the entry passed    5  1534
what is the entry for rent paid to company, provision for taxes in your books?, indiabulls   2  2194
what are real,nominal,personal and impersonal accounts    1  3804
Assessment Year or Finanacial Year is Both are same or Different.    4  1392
what is entry for baddebts. genpact   17  3606
what is method of deperciation?    2  1212
Nike,Inc. has developed a variable-overhead rate of $10 per machine hour,and estimates fixed overhead $250,000 for production up to 100,000 units per year. If the production manager estimates 9,000 machine hours for the production of 90,000 units next year, what are estimated variable-overhead costs?    0  393
1. Cold Ice, Inc. sells ice cream sells for $2 each. The variable costs per ice cream are $1 and the fixed overheard costs are $ 0.35. A summer camp wants to place a one-time order for 100 cone of ice cream at a price of $ 1.25 each. What is the minimum price hot dogs should be charge for this special order?    0  161
The cost equation y= $0 + $1.60x represents which type of cost? Variable, Fixed, or Mixed    0  225
ABC Co. is considering an investment with a cost of $55,000. Annual cash savings of $100,000, Present Value at %12 (ABC's discount rate) of $56,502, are expected for the next 10 years. What can we conclude? 1. ABC Co. should make the investment 2. The investment offers a 12 percent rate of return    0  175
which are the basic princeples of accountancy... with examples standard-bank   0  172
if anybody tell me difference between DD, PO & Cheques    6  4974
what is cost centre , job costing & Budget control. what is the effect of these.Explain its briefly. ivrcl   0  243
Hello everybody can you posted journal entry of this question , if mr.A give advance rent Rs.20000 for 3 month to Mr.B    10  1080
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is the difference between Balance Sheet , Chart Of Accounts and trial Balance? 199
what are micro-cap, small-cap, mid-cap, large-cap companies? 100
What z d diff of accounting principle,accounting standard,accounting rules,accounting procedures,accounting concepts?????? 227
what is the script forms standard text in fico 20
is it possible that on dealer of work contract can opt composition and non-composition both scheme in dvat? 178
What is ABC Analysis in industrial function. hw can it s maintain ? 210
A----------involves transfer of money or moneys worth from one person to another 110
How is the expenditure of developing a modified product treated? 146
How Many Types of Excise Duties? 134
Short answer on____________Assessment Year 119
All shot cut key use in the tally software & it's uses 196
I was born on 4th may 1981 iam i eligible to apply for SBI clerical job vacancy 153
How shall I calculate the true profit of my business, as I am a layman for accounting. 106
tell me about roll model as father 199
Which Invoice issued on Central Sale Commercial or Retail? 202
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