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1. A firm buys stock for $100 by cheque and intends to sell it for $200, so the double entry should be a) Debit bank $100 and credit stock $ 100 b) Credit bank $ 200 and debit stock $ 200 c) Debit purchases $100 and credit sales $ 200 d) Debit purchases $ 100 and credit bank $ 100 factset   2  3237
can a company libale to pay provident fund on employee's overtime ?    2  2285
What are the Types of invoices batching? & what is 3 way batch? wipro   0  422
How the sub ledgers(AP, AR) integrate with GL liability and receivable    0  322
I am going for interview in Cross domain for Finance & Accounts opening. If any one having any question paper or question that might be asked in interview pls send me on my mail id, or here.    0  3581
A company is Listing in EU (Europian Union) Controlled stock exchange ? will IFRS are mandatory ? if you answer will differ if Subsidary of US based company Listing in EU (Europian Union) Controlled stock exchange?    0  239
What is Contigent Liability?    2  1265
what in contingent liabilities genpact   6  3594
What is BRS? What is the use of BRS    7  8781
Where we transfer loss in Balance Sheet?    8  10053
Where we show Credit Card Account ( Credit Balance ) in Balance Sheet?    3  4410
Where we show Service Tax Receipt ( Credit Balance ) in Balance Sheet?    2  3273
Where we show Service Tax Due ( Credit Balance ) in Balance Sheet? bpl   2  2046
Where we show Service Tax Due ( Debit Balance ) in Balance Sheet? genpact   0  493
what is outstanding expences give example    3  1442
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what is mixed invoice, prepaid invoice,quick invoice,podefault invoice,withholding tax invoice,please explain me in detail? 314
Harpithas due Rs 55000 was settled infull by taking Haris due Rs 12500 in adjustment Pass necessary entry 311
why you want to join the banking and finance industry? 2511
please explain the uses of internate protocol address(ip add)? 338
Is bank charge an assest, equity or liability?  8
what is the frienge benefits tax?what is usefull? 299
What are the rates of Depreciation? Like machinery items, wooden items? 278
Ram retired from partnership. The partners with mutual consent agreed to put the capital balance as on the date of retirement as loan to the firm @ 18% pa. The credit balance to his capital account was Rs 325000/- Pass necessary entry 279
we are in contraction business, we purchase raw material and paid tax on related material, suppose we want to bill to our party in WCT? 348
Queries for Big4 Articleship : Whether son of CA in practice effects chances. 4745
Expand---------PED 216
Dear All, myself B.k Singh graduate with B.Com and PGDBM - Finance, I was worked with Service Company for 6 yrs.Now past 2yrs working with Real Estate,moreover I want to some course short term, plz guide me. 354
i have completed my MBA with finace background. am intrested to learn oracle finace.can you suggest me which are good instittues in area wise. 341
Name some errors which can be detected by Trial Balance 293
A sample book on interviews is ready for free circulation with 7 chapters i.e Journal entries helpful for various occassions,Terminology,Abbreviations,Test your terminology,Multiple answers, Fill in blanks and Income tax send your requisition for Free Book Immediately to 323
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