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Short Answer on ___________Fixed capital    3  1802
Short Answer on __________Partnership    2  1187
Short Answer on _________Commerce    0  250
Short Answer on _________Business    0  480
Short Answer on ______Management Accounting    2  1750
Short Answer on _________Cost Accounting    2  2074
Short Answer on _________Financial accounting    0  262
Short Answer on _________Accounting    1  937
Short Answer on ________Ad-Valorem Duties    0  283
Short Answer on __________Accrued interest    0  306
Short Answer on _________Accounts Receivable    0  282
Short Answer on ________Accounts Payables genpact   0  428
Short Answer on _____________Accident Insurance    0  315
Short Answer on ______Amortization    0  357
Short Answer on ______Transaction    0  376
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Expand ----------GIDB 258
How now about sales tax and purchase tax.what is the persentage of those thing in tamil nadu. 464
sort out the difference between service provider & service reciepient from the service tax. 488
What is the Memorandum voucher? 3462
Calculate the total Depreciation for four or five Years so practice some problems on depreciation? 506
We can add the no. of increase in shares due to exercise of the options.Why diluted eps is calculated separatey? 461
How to calculate closing stock? I have opening stock of 72 lacs (average costing without tax) and purchase of 49 lacs (with tax) and sales of 101 lacs (without tax). What is my closing stock then???? Should i add tax in sales? Where all should tax be included and where all should tax NOT be included? Right now i calculated => 72(no tax)+49(with tax)-101(no tax) = 20 lacs. IS this correct? 688
please tell me short cut method in maths as well as in english for correcting the error for the post of clerck in bank exam 770
what are the questions commomly asked in reuter's interview.? 647
What is TDS entry for a Firm? as previous years TDS is shown as opening balance in the books of the firm in current year and i don,t want in C.Y as its claimed in the Computation of Previous Years???? So what is the A/C ing entry 401
What elements of your job do you find most difficult 2274
what s BSPL and its significance? 1782
what is the difference between Assets Allocation & Security selection? 956
sir i'm having exp as a HR-Recruiter, now i'm willing to work in other areas of HR.Is learning of accounting courses such as (Payroll mgmt,TDS, service tax, vat, provident fund, gratuity fund, Tally ERP.9 )is necessary? if so, kindly guide me what all accounting courses i need to study to work in other areas of HR. or what are the qualifications required to work in other areas of HR? 2)one of my friend would like to know the job profile for Finance admin.. 305
Q13. Journalise the following transactions: Proprietor withdrew for private use Rs.4000/- from bank and 6000/- cash. Goods Costing Rs.5000 was burnt by fire. Purchase Machinery for cash Rs.150000/- and paid Rs.2000/- on its Installation. Charge 5% Depreciation on building costing Rs.200000/- and 8% Depreciation on Furniture costing Rs.5000/-. Prepaid Salary Rs2000/- Kapil who owed us Rs20000/- become insolvent and nothing is received from his estate. 117
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