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are movies for entertainment...?

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Sir, I have completed my BTech in Electronics and Communication and also MTech in Nanoscience .But I want to come in the banking sector. What are the questions expected in interview ? plz help

State Bank Of India SBI,


What is the importance of gentlemanliness?


How is oil,petrol,gold,dollar,inflation all related ? What is their relationship ? Thanks


Minimum invoice value require for form form 38 in up


Please tell me the reference for absence of yeast and mold for(drinking)feed water for pharmaceutical use. If anybody have link please post.

BPCL Bharat Petroleum,


Why only sulphuric caid used in residue on ignition, not other acids.what is its special property


What is your opinion on M S Dhoni retirement from test cricket?


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Talk something about Women Empowerment

Tech Mahindra, TE, Genpact,


Hi I am looking for Hadoop Cloudera certification dumps. Please contact me if you some one have any idea about it. nzkhum786@gmail.com


How political science is helpful for banking sector



Are you married

Tecno Mobile,


Describe a challenging and difficult project which you have undertaken. What did you do? Explain your reasons for the same & what was the outcome?

Hindustan Unilever Limited,


past Endeavour that you performed well  to the satisfaction of your past or present employer?

Samson Resources,

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I have completed mba, i'm so much intrested in group2, can u plz tel me how to prepare for this exactly.


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hi i want to know about examination of deputy field officer under cabinet secretary. when is it started. how many stage are completed to reached the interview board. actually i am b. com graduate. i send my application to the address of AD(Pers-A), post box no 3003 lodhi road post office new delhi-110003. i don't know about AD(Pers-A). but i write this word on the envelope which was send to the post office. is it correct addressed. have a any chanced to can celled my application. what type of question i have to faced in the written examination. can u give me any sample paper of this examination. thanks


explain the role of Ali brothers in the khilafat movement.


hello friends i m from ahmedabad and i have my sbi interview on 4 th may at c g road is there anybody who has the interview on the same day than contect me dear.we will face it together.


I attended an interview with Lycatel, Chennai on December 17th 2010 for AM - Operations. Actually that position was advertised in Hindu and seeing that I walked in an attended the interview. My job and skillset, experience exactly matched to what they require and I was confident about the offer. After 2 weeks, I emailed the HR and he said that "I will update you ASAP" again after a week I emailed him to know that status he again replied "With regards to your email, I will update ASAP". After 2 weeks I drafted a big email to the HR and he replied back saying "The position that you have applied for has been kept on hold, so when the requirement arises, we will get in touch with you shortly". I really dont understand why, because only when there was a requirement, they had advertised in Hindu, now how can they say that when there is a requirement, will let you know. I am confused. After that I have email that HR several times to atleast intimate if its negative, but there has been no reply till date. What should I take this as? Can anyone help me?


i entered singapore on 16th october 2009. but i was refused to enter singapore on the airport. when i asked him he dint answered me.by now my visa is expired and i wanna know the reason of my entry rejection in india


(U,Y,T,A,O,O,M,R,R,F,Y,H,E,) Inhe aisa set kijiye ki ye ek romntic word ban jaye, Aur ye wahi kar sakta h jo kisi se pyar karta h, (It's chaleng 4u) p reply Bna koii wrdd??


where did the name "cat" come from?


Explain Chemical Engineering, what can I do, where can I go.


Rich man keeps me in the pocket poor man throws me away kids eat me its tamil word _u_e_l


NRA withholding and Foreign tax withholding are they same?


= 5, b = 1, x = 10, and y = 5, create a program that outputs the result of the formula f = (a – b) (x – y) using a signal printf () function.


Which should I choose' engineering or Human Resource? Science student. Need detailed answers.


Hi friends I was selected for SBI clerical interview and my interview is on may 7 I completed B.sc Computers wat are the questions to be asked regarding computers.....can u pls post the answer for me.........JO


hi, i have work experience in Call centers, where can i get a job if i come out of call center.


what is the shortkey of print preview in M.S. EXCEL?