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The ruling paty in Bangladesh is (1) Bangladesh National Party (2) Awami-League (3) Jatiya Party (4) Jamaat-I-Islami    1  1138
The 1994 prestigious G.D. Birla International Award for Humanism for dedicative and innate concern for the under privileged was warded to (1) Mother Teresa (2) Baba Amte (3) Dr. N.H. Anita (4) Shabana Azmi    1  1090
The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) was held at (1) Rio de Janeriro (2) Stockholm (3) Montreal (4) Geneva    1  881
India?s medium range surface-to-surface missile, successfully launched from Chandiprur Test Ground, was called (1) Prithvi (2) IRS-IB (3) Rohini (4) Agni III    1  912
Mouth and foot disease in cattle is caused by (1) bacteria (2) fungi (3) virus (4) spirochaete    2  861
Which of the following invertebrates has an endoskeleton? (1) Snail (2) Star fish (3) Cuttle fish (4) Barnacles    1  2311
Insecticidal property of DDT was discovered by (1) Paul Muller (2) Stanley Miller (3) T.H. Morgan (4) T.R. Malthus    3  1322
Blood does not coagulate inside the blood vessels because (1) fibrin is absent (2) Thromboplastin is absent (3) Fibrinogen is absent (4) Calcium is absent    1  859
Sex of a male child depends on the (1) father (2) mother (3) Jointly on father and mother (4) Presence of male hormone, and testosterone    2  2050
Darwin proposed the theory of organic evolution on the basis of (1) inheritance of acquired characters (2) natural selection (3) mutation (4) geographic isolation    2  1124
The term ?ecosystem? is explaining the interaction (1) among the living things in nature (2) among the plants, animals and sun (3) among living things, nonliving and energy cycles in nature (4) among microbes, animals, plants and solar system in nature    1  1109
The angular growth of branches are known as (1) plagiotropism (2) geotropism (3) heliotropis (4) hydrotropism    1  786
Model of DNA molecule was given by (1) Waston & Crick (2) Hargobind Khorana (3) Swaminathan (4) J.C. Bose    1  1125
?Glaciation? is the term associated with (1) Glazing technique (2) Movement of ice-bergs (3) A geologic period (4) A geographic phenomenon    1  839
Chlorosis is caused by (1) lack of Magnesium in the soil (2) lack of Magnesium in the concerned lant (3) lack of Chloriphylls (4) lack of Chloroplasts    1  1058
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I m akash kumar from dehradun n i belong to sc's my interview on 8 dec 2014 for sbi's written in my call letter to have "english version of those certificate, which are  in vernaculer language.what i got is i hav to get my documents translated into english which r in hindi. Can anybody tell me how to do this? 751
when will be union bank result annouced?which exam held on 4 april 2010.sir please send it on my id no. that is 417
What will be the expected take home salary for Tax Assistants in Vizag Central Excise (Y category city)? 1607
if i charge 1% or 2% cst of immitation good then we get c-form 239
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how do you think you could make a contribution to the Indian airforce ? how would you change the indian airforce? 65
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