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The one which is not secured under Article 41 dealing with the Directive Principles of State Policy is (1) Right to Work (2) Right to Shelter (3) Right to Education (4) Right to Public Assistance    1  1311
Formation of New States and alteration of the boundaries of the existing States may be done by: (1) President of India (2) The State itself (3) Parliament by Law (4) Parliament with ratification by Legislature of not less than half of the states    7  8948
It is almost impossible for the union to go against the recommendations of the Finance Commission, because (1) Parliament is not concerned with distribution of Income Tax (2) The President prescribes by order the manner of distribution (3) The Finance Commission is impartial and objective (4) The Finance Commission acts as a buffer between the Union and the State    1  972
Public Service Commission (1) is an advisory body (2) conducts examinations for appointment to service (3) is to be consulted in disciplinary cases (4) is requested to notify recommendations for promotions    1  912
The conflict between Fundamental Rights and directive Principles arises because of (1) Written Constitution (2) Judiciary hopes to fill in the political vaccum (3) Social unrest and economic discontent (4) Absence of leaders with foresight    2  3508
Parliamentary System in India is proposed to be replaced by Presidential system because (1) Leaders with social conscience are not elected as members of the Legislature (2) All the ministers need not be members of Lok Sabha (3) Ministers are not always experts and specialists (4) Corruption and inefficiency in administration make people dissatisfied    1  3253
To whom the District Magistrate is accountable? (1) Union Government (2) State Government (3) Zilla Parishad (4) None of them    1  1787
Which involved in the Panchayati Raj? (1) The Village, Block and District (2) The Village and State (3) The Village, District and State (4) The Village, State and the Centre    1  1121
With whom the sole power to control the expenditure of the Government of India rests? (1) Parliament (2) The Prime Minister (3) The Lok Sabha (4) The Finance Minister    3  4474
On whose recommendation the President can be removed from his office before the expiry of his normal term? (1) The Supreme Court (2) The Chief Justice of India (3) Union Council of Minister (4) The two Houses of Parliament    1  5953
In which part of the Constitution Directive Principles are enshrined ? (1) Part I (2) Part II (3) Part III (4) Part IV    1  1260
Under which Article the Constitution can an individual move to the Supreme Court directly in case of any violation of Fundamental Rights? (1) Article 13 (2) Article 14 (3) Article 32 (4) Article 34    1  1155
Who is empowered to suspend the operation of Fundamental Rights? (1) Parliament (2) Supreme Court (3) President (4) Prime Minister    2  4427
What is the status of the President of India? (1) Head of the State (2) Head of the Government (3) Head of the State and Government (4) None of them    1  2088
Which of the following is the main source of Political Power in India? (1) Parliament and State Legislatures (2) Parliament (3) The People (4) The Constitution    2  5585
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