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The scientific process of killing bacteria in milk is called (1) Sterilization (2) Cleaning (3) Pasteurization (4) Fermentation    1  477
The growth promoting substance that helps in the production of seedless fruits in Grapes is (1) 2 - 4D (2) Gibberellic acid (3) Cytokinin (4) Colchicines    1  417
Common salt is hygroscoic because of the presence of the following impurities : (1) CaSO4 and MgSO4 (2) CaCl2 and MgCl2 (3) CaBr2 and MgBr2 (4) CaCO3 and MgCO3    1  446
Why ice melts quickly in water than in air? (1) Water is heavier (2) Heat energy in water is less than in air (3) Composition of water and ice are same (4) Heat energy in water is greater than in air    1  450
In making jewellery with gold it is alloyed with copper or silver because (1) Pure gold is not ductile and malleable (2) Gold is too hard for use in pure state (3) Pure gold is highly brittle (4) Gold is too soft for use in pure state    1  461
Which of the following is an alloy? (1) Quartz (2) Graphite (3) Diamond (4) Nichrome    1  584
The main constituent of soap is (1) Sodium stearate (2) Sodium citrate (3) Potassium tartrate (4) Sodium salicylate    2  1903
The Vitamin which contains a metal is (1) Vitamin A (2) Vitamin C (3) Vitamin B12 (4) Vitamin D    1  635
Lasers are widely used in various walks of life. These are sources of (1) Sound waves of very high frequency (2) Sound waves of very high intensity (3) Light waves which are coherent (4) High speed electrons    1  394
To control nuclear reactions in a nuclear reactor so that explosion does not occur, one uses, (1) Cadmium rods (2) Carbon rods (3) Heavy water (4) Aluminium rods    1  411
If you want to see your, FULL image in a plane mirror then the minimum size of the mirror (1) Depends upon how far you stand in front of the mirror (2) Should equal your height (3) Should be half your height (4) Should be twice your height    5  2070
Soap film exhibits brilliant colours in sunlight due to one of the following phenomena: (1) Dispersion of light (2) Interference of light (3) Total internal reflection of light (4) Diffraction of light icici   2  647
A satellite is revolving very near to the surface of the earth. What is its approximate period of revolution? (1) 3000 sec (2) 4000 sec (3) 5000 sec (4) 6000 sec    1  440
In oil lamps the oil rises up in the wicks due to (1) Property of capillarity (2) Pressure difference (3) Property of viscosity (4) Temperature difference    1  515
The Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act was enacted in the year (1) 1949 (2) 1959 (3) 1969 (4) 1979    2  824
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sir i want to know about drug inspector its exam basic requirement and all please help me . 151
your perception on ayodhya issue ? the decision given by high court is it right. why ? why not ? what should be the right decision ? 13
please send me questions papers for . Section Engineer/ S & T (Drawing) to my EMail. This would be of great help. 406
Dear sir, Let me now how to calculate service tax & TDS on rent. 260
Hi! all, is any one know when will syndicate bank release the final result for the post of AMRD. Exam held on 15-05-2011 and interview held on 05-09-2011. if any one know please reply me on 511
Why airforce after Msc math? 68
hi, iam mahesh. i completed my 3 years diploma course in automobile engg., ( diploma in automobile engg.). i want to become a government employee. so please send u r suggestions to my email id 229
You are not fit for defence, what will you do now? 7
What do you know about SBI? What are the latest schemes introduced in SBI? 239
plz send me the question papers of RRB for any post 176
sample question for drdr technical assistant 543
Dear Sir/Madam, I am applying for the post of Engineering Assistant in Prasar Bharti which was dated in Employment news on 23-02-2013. I completed BSc (Maths, Electronics, ComputerScience).As they said i am eligible to Eng.Assistant post. But when i am trying to enroll my self in Part I Registration at the Qualification column it doesn't shows any Electronics group. It shows Electonics Engineering, Electrical Engineering. So, in these which one i have to pick to my Degree Qualification. Kindly reply me asap. 250
i am selected as an assistant in css.the result was declared on 30th march 2012.what will bw the due course of action?when will i get the call letter? 848
Hi All...can anyone who has been selected for the sbi po dated 24.07.2011 post if they have received any letter or mail from SBI regarding medical examination or joining circle??pls do let us know 289
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