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If you want to see your, FULL image in a plane mirror then the minimum size of the mirror (1) Depends upon how far you stand in front of the mirror (2) Should equal your height (3) Should be half your height (4) Should be twice your height    5  2043
Soap film exhibits brilliant colours in sunlight due to one of the following phenomena: (1) Dispersion of light (2) Interference of light (3) Total internal reflection of light (4) Diffraction of light icici   2  630
A satellite is revolving very near to the surface of the earth. What is its approximate period of revolution? (1) 3000 sec (2) 4000 sec (3) 5000 sec (4) 6000 sec    1  435
In oil lamps the oil rises up in the wicks due to (1) Property of capillarity (2) Pressure difference (3) Property of viscosity (4) Temperature difference    1  510
The Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act was enacted in the year (1) 1949 (2) 1959 (3) 1969 (4) 1979    2  814
Among the non-foodgrain crops, the largest area is devoted to the cultivation of (1) Jute (2) Oilseeds (3) Cotton (4) Sugarcane    1  521
Deficit Finance means (1) Relying on foreign aid (2) Spending by borrowing (3) Not spending enough to ensure development (4) Spending in excess of revenue    2  1291
Antodaya Programme was first of all started in (1) Tamil Nadu (2) Orissa (3) West Bengal (4) Rajasthan    1  537
Agricultural commodities prices in India are fixed by (1) Central Government (2) State Government (3) Agricultural Produce Marketing Boards (4) Agricultural Prices Commission    1  592
NABARD helps rural development by (1) Giving direct loans to farmers (2) Providing refinance facility (3) Assisting Gram Panchayats (4) Assisting Zilla Parishads yahoo   5  1380
Which State Government is going ahead alone without Central Government?s help in the power sector? (1) Maharashtra (2) Karnataka (3) Jammu and Kashmir (4) Andhra Pradesh    1  411
The State Finance Commission is appointed by (1) Comptroller and Auditor General (2) Prime Minister (3) State Government (4) Finance Commission of India    1  660
The principles concerning the provisions of the grants-in-aid to the states out of the Consolidated Fund of India re recommended by the (1) Finance Commission (2) Planning Commission (3) National Development Council (4) Administrative Reforms Commission    1  439
When an advance grant is made by the Parliament, pending the regular passage of the Budget, it is called (1) Vote on account (2) Token grant (3) Supplementary grant (4) Vote on credit fci   1  1571
Judicial Remedy whereby the State inquires into the legality of detaining a person is better known as (1) Habeas Corpus (2) Certiorari (3) Mandamus (4) Quo Warranto    1  521
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Hai this is adi, iam bsc computer student, i have work experience in finace field. iam good in english and i want to prepare for bank exams, i dont have meterial, but i cant pay money to buy the meterial so suggest me how to prepare that ? u can approach me through my mail. mail id 173
i've been selected for allahabad bank's interview.i wanted to ask how i should prepare for it.please send me related materials at my e-mail id- it asap. 252
what is bank,banking,bank rate,slr,repo rate,reverse repo rate,crr,functions of rbi,functions of sbi 284
two punctures appear on body bitten by scorpion poison 352
SIR, i had written EPFO exam for social security assistant. I selected 1st round. Before 10 days i wrote 2nd round also. And will they conduct 3rd or any other rounds. could u suggest please. what they will ask us another rounds.or Is it final round? please give the answer. 410
what is non cenvatable duty? How it can be calculated? Is it difers from item to item? 2003
can any one please tell me the question pattern for ECIL exam .I'm from ECE 174
if you have 10 days time at your disposal what would you do ?? 8
what will be the newly selected Postal MTS employees monthly salary in chennai? 95
please send me the question paper and syllabus for asst station master post 251
Please send me last 5 year solved question papers of Canara Bank as well as Bank of Baroda to my e mail id 319
i have interiew on 23 of this month. pls send me the interview questions to the bank of india pos 270
plz,any body inform me,what kind of question will be set from the newly arithmetic syllabus added particully graph of equation,cohgruence &similarity of trangle 163
hello sir pls tell me the interview for polytechnic lecturers in mathematics(i.e syllabus) 251
I am going to attend IDBI Bank Interview for the post of AGAM. Would like to know the interview exp of any candidate who has attended the interivew 415
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