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What is the status of the President of India? (1) Head of the State (2) Head of the Government (3) Head of the State and Government (4) None of them    1  1960
Which of the following is the main source of Political Power in India? (1) Parliament and State Legislatures (2) Parliament (3) The People (4) The Constitution    2  5037
Who is the final authority for interpreting the Indian Constitution? (1) The President (2) The Sepaker of Lok Sabha (3) Parliament (4) Supreme Court ias   12  20377
Who appoints the Chief Justice of High Courts? (1) Prime Minister (2) Law Minister (3) President (4) Governor    2  1033
Which among the following Indian States has emerged as a major producer of chemicals and petrochemicals? (1) Andhra Pradesh (2) Assam (3) Tamil Nadu (4) Gujarat    2  1800
Which mineral in India, noted below, occurs in nature in the form of Pyrites? (1) Aluminium (2) Gold (3) Copper (4) Iron-ore    2  912
Which one among the Indian States is the major producer of mica? (1) Andhra Pradesh (2) Bihar (3) Madhya Pradesh (4) Orissa    12  10165
Which among the states given below is most urbanized? (1) Bihar (2) Tamil Nadu (3) Kerala (4) Karnataka    1  1362
The main reason for the concerntration of sugarcane cultivation in Uttar Pradesh is (1) Fertile soil (2) Absence of competition from other crops (3) Availability of irrigation throughout the year (4) Accessibility to the market    3  2131
The first aluminium smelting plant was located in Alwaye in Kerala due to (1) Availability of Bauxite in close proximity (2) Availability of cheap and abundant hydro-electric power (3) Easy accessibility to market (4) Closeness of Cochin port    1  3363
Haldia is (1) Located along the Bay of Bengal (2) An important petroleum refining center (3) The outer port of Calcutta (4) All the above facts    2  1071
Bombay-Ahmedabad industrial region dominates in Cotton textile production in India because (1) It lies close to one of the important Cotton producing areas of India (2) It can import good quality cotton from Egypt (3) It has developed the necessary entrepreneurial skill (4) All the above reasons    1  2454
Which among these oil fields is located in Assam? (1) Ankiswar (2) Rudra Sagar (3) Narimanan (4) Naogaon    1  1312
The main reason for the development of jute textile industry along Hooghly side is (1) Abundant supply of coal (2) Abundant supply of water (3) Abundant supply of raw material (4) Export oriented origin of jute industry    1  1483
The main cause of the poor quality of the Indian wheat is (1) High temperature during winter (2) Absence of Irrigation faculties (3) Sudden increase in temperature during the ripening period (4) None of the above    2  1116
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Hi i am selected as accountent in CGA through ssc cgle 2010. Can any one tell, where i shall be posted. I heared that accountent posted in CGA remains in Delhi only. 576
hi could anyone tell me that what is the syllabus and qn model for HPCL engineering trainee exam???? 405
1.Dandgling Reference refer to? 2.Encryption used in IEEE 802.11? 3.Version of Advanced Enryption Standard(AES) and cipher Key? 4.No.of vertex of odd degree is ? 5.Slowest Sorting Algorathim? 6.Complexity to delete a node from Linked LIST? 7.EBCDIC can code upto how many charcter? 8.estimation equation of cocomo model for organic project? 9.need for the extended ER Model? 10.Infrastructure component for the DATA Center? 11.which type of memory device has Min. cost of storing one bit information ? 12.color combination for printer? 13.father of computer? 14.thrashing affect? 15.preemptive version of FCFS? 16.c is a ..............Language? 17.object based language? 18.whicj memory can not be interface with procesor? 19.input for linker? 20.preprocesor starts functioning when....? 789
dear orissa circle candidate selected in sbi clerk 2010, did any one has got the offer letter or any info. abt the medical test date.plz pass the news in detail at or at 9885560854 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 441
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what type of interviews questions asked in NIC(National informatics centre) interview for scientist post? 769
5 functions of clerk..... 697
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what do you undestand about current account and saving account? 380
can any one please tell me the question pattern for ECIL exam .I'm from ECE 320
Can anyone send me model question paper of RRB for the post of Enquiry Cum Reservation Clerk 691
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