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As per the figures published in the print media, how many children below three years of age are severely malnourished in India? (approximately in percent) 1 10% 2 15% 3 18% 4 28%    2  437
As per the figures released by the Centre For Monitoring Indian Economy, the tea exports from India during the year 2002-03 1 Declined by 5% approximately 2 Increased by 5% approximately 3 Declined by 7% approximately 4 Increased by 7% approximately    1  492
As per the budget proposals of the Union Government for the year 2003-04, how much income tax one has to pay (in terms of the percentage of the taxable income) in the event of his/her being in the slab of income over Rs.1.5 lakh annually? 1 10% 2 20% 3 30% 4 45%    1  405
Government of India is planning to raise the cap in foreign direct investment in telecom sector to which of the following levels? 1 60% 2 65% 3 70% 4 74%    1  514
Which of the following companies/agencies is set up by the banks and FIs to deal with defaults on corporate loans 1 ARCIL 2 ICRA 3 SHCIL 4 SEBI    1  483
Which of the following countries has recently revised its immigratioin laws and it is now more difficult to get visa for jobs there? 1 Canada 2 New Zeland 3 Russia 4 USA    1  455
The Initial Public Offer (IPO) of which of the following PSUs, opened recently, over-subscribed within hours of its launch? 1 Bank of India 2 Maruti Udyog Ltd 3 BPCL 4 State Bank of India    1  434
?The Baath Party?, recently in the news, was the 1 Party headed by Ariel Sharon of Israel 2 Party headed by Saddam Hussain of Iraq 3 Name of the party floated by the Hamas leaders active in Israel 4 None of these    1  433
Recently in which of the following countries, thousands of people staged a dharana, made a protest against the powerful citizens of a particular community in that country and accused them of limiting their freedom? 1 India 2 Sri lanka 3 China 4 Myanmar    1  403
To politicians and leaders from two different nations were recently in London for one wholw day where they met some to flight British politicians, shook hands with the same people and talked about the same issues like cross border terrorism, peace plant etc. Theses two leaders were 1 Atal Bihari Vajpayee & Jamali 2 Gen Musharraf & L.K.Advani 3 Jamali & L.K.Advani 4 None of these    1  611
Which of the following States enforced an ordinance against Usury to harassment by such people? 1 Tamil Nadu 2 Maharashtra 3 Gujarat 4 Delhi    1  494
The coalition Government in which of the following States was to face a jolt when 14 members of the Rashtriya lok Dal led by Ajit Singh withdrew their support from the government 1 Madhya Pradesh 2 Bihar 3 Uttar Pradesh 4 Jharkhand    1  489
A team of the tourism and transport officials and technicians from the Pakistan was in India recently to 1 Work out modalities for the resumption of Samjhouta Express 2 Work out modalities for the resumption of Delhi-Lahore bus service 3 Visit the sites where Pakistan tourism department can open its offices 4 None of these    1  429
NASA recently launched a robotic rover to which of the following planets with a goal to find out if there was any life on it? 1 Jupiter 2 Mars 3 Mercury 4 Venus    2  461
India imported approximately how much crude oil last year? 1 30 million tones 2 40 million tones 3 50 million tones 4 85 million tones    1  551
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is religion/community based attack killing of christians in orissa/killing of muslim in gujrat / attack on bihari 2
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