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what is CEPT and ETSI for telecom? nokia   0  1025
explain transmission parameter baud rate    0  1090
what is chiller system?    0  970
what is hvac?    0  708
1. What are the three services offered by GSM? Explain each of them briefly. nokia   1  2427
how many steel rod of the cilling 10'x10'    0  722
What is the bit rate for each of the following signals A)A signal in which 1 bit last 0.001s B)A signal in which 1 bit last 2ms    1  5711
how much steel is required for 1100 sqft of slab (area 25*43 ) & we need to consrtuct 3 floor    3  3501
what is the bills receivables & bills payable    2  1237
give maaterial requesion for 6x3x1 Mcube machnine foundation mahindra   1  1696
what is the standard bricks size, and which tools required for mason work    0  571
what is microsoft office?    1  1378
is ther a requirement for lintel to be casted in 200mm thick siporex block? kindly mention the advantage and disadvantages? synergy   0  622
how do we calculate design for beems if the span of beams is 15 metres.what quantity of steel should be used and how much steel should be there in each beam.    0  709
why you want to become artictecture jp-group   0  568
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Un-Answered Questions
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ssc cgl 2010 may tax assistant ki cut of kya hogi 547
Is this house typical of the houses of this community? What makes it typical or atypical? 932
is ther a requirement for lintel to be casted in 200mm thick siporex block? kindly mention the advantage and disadvantages? 622
details about telephone wiring 670
What is difference between Stracture of DBMS & Architecture of DBMS 1217
What details do you notice about the way this building is constructed? How does it differ from your own home? 557
What is a nave? 1006
What personal quality is important to be an architect? 750
Structural wall & slab : Binding wire fixing is alternatively spacing is correct or wrong?. binding wire fixing is all spacing is must or not? 551
What is the name of the first type of building used in Christian Churches? 1589
What feature is unique to the Hagia Sophia? 2135
what is the design architecture of cognos8? 596
what is the KVAR and how to measure it ? 932
Dear Sir, I got 90kilowat and 3 face for my house.So which cable is the best for my home main line. Thanks Bashir Ahmed e-mail: 795
How i can calculate material for 1000 sq foot plot. 901
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