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what ate the difference between tds and income tax and which form is used for deposit tds and income tax.give me detail infromation about this question.


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is any benefit we can avail in income tax in respect of deducted Fringe benefit tax. please explain in detail.



WCT Exemption limit ?? Pl explain on which items WCT is applicable.


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if you write asessment year in place of financial year in it return , then what will happen?


which type of expenses , we have dedected fbt


sir, i have charged labour charges with material bill to x party for Rs.211000/- plz explain me how much TDS amount will deducte by party..

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We have received Bills of Aug-2008 for contract charges. I have passed the bills in Dec-2008. So, we will pay intrest on tds or not?

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(1) what is TDS (2) what is the current Rate of TDS: (A) payment of contarctor/subcontractor (b) payment of professional charges (c) payment of rent (d) salary

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(1)what is last date of monthly TDS challan deposit (2) what is last date of TDS quarterly Return filling

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What is the applicable rate of service tax on work of construction company i.e. real estate developer company plz improve my knowledge about it.

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what is the difference between excise duty and sales tax

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what is excise duty

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why is service tax recievable shown as dr balance under liability in b/s

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What is difference btween Form-cForm-D,Form- h,excise,MODVAT, VAT? How many types of forms available?

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if firm sales tax paid , under which ledger and subledger it would be posted? give brief information

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we are getting materials from outside the state and issuing form c to a local party, since the local party is consignee agent of party who sends the materials. what is name this type of transaction? is issuing form c correct and proper? please reply


how to calculate of FBT with example & what is Rate


We had paid TDS against rent in assessment year 2009-2010. But by mistake one of the pan no of the landlord was wrongly entered. Now the demand has been raised. Please advise how to correct the situation.


Company A from Maharashtra dispatch material directly to company C in Maharashtra & Billed to Company B in Karnataka. Co. A raised billed to Co. B charged local VAT., Co. B raised bill on Co. C tax rate NIL. Can Co. C claimed on VAT amount ?


A individual advocate recievs legal fees. is he liable to pay service tax @ 12.36% on it?


what is procedure of calculation of TDS by bank?


How to determine TDS on Salary ? what are Limit for HRA ,insurance premium , Loan installment, children education fee etc. what type of Deductions for salary. please Explain Full and complete this concept with one example which cover all aspects regarding TDS on Salary.


sir, can you give me clarification briefly how to capitalized and which one capitalized


how will one calculate TDS when the bill is with service tax (SAY an AMC bill ) and what treatment will be there when it is a rent bill with service tax. is there any rules in income tax as to deduct double taxation?? pls help with rules sir


updated rates of sales tax & VAT in Maharashtra


How treat TDS & TCS in manual or Tally 9 softwere ?


How to calculate excise duty on mobile products?


I had filed e-filling IT Return for A.Y.2011-12 before 1yr but yet I have not get Refund & not seen refund status at on income tax site now I filed e-return for A.Y. 2012-13 now what i do for refund A.Y. 2011-12?


Why TDS is not deducted on JSTF Contribution of Hinjewadi Industries Association?