Taxation Interview Questions
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what ate the difference between tds and income tax and which form is used for deposit tds and income tax.give me detail infromation about this question.


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is any benefit we can avail in income tax in respect of deducted Fringe benefit tax. please explain in detail.



WCT Exemption limit ?? Pl explain on which items WCT is applicable.


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if you write asessment year in place of financial year in it return , then what will happen?


which type of expenses , we have dedected fbt


sir, i have charged labour charges with material bill to x party for Rs.211000/- plz explain me how much TDS amount will deducte by party..

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We have received Bills of Aug-2008 for contract charges. I have passed the bills in Dec-2008. So, we will pay intrest on tds or not?

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(1) what is TDS (2) what is the current Rate of TDS: (A) payment of contarctor/subcontractor (b) payment of professional charges (c) payment of rent (d) salary

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(1)what is last date of monthly TDS challan deposit (2) what is last date of TDS quarterly Return filling

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What is the applicable rate of service tax on work of construction company i.e. real estate developer company plz improve my knowledge about it.

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what is the difference between excise duty and sales tax

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what is excise duty

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why is service tax recievable shown as dr balance under liability in b/s

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What is difference btween Form-cForm-D,Form- h,excise,MODVAT, VAT? How many types of forms available?

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if firm sales tax paid , under which ledger and subledger it would be posted? give brief information

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Can Guradians (other than parents) be dependents and can we get exemption on them at Taxation part like Medical, LTA and Sec 80DD? Pls Comment.?


procedure of service tax


Define Amortization & Impairment?


please provide to us the rules of wct in andhra pradesh (Hyderabad)


Our company refundable ST amount but we dont want to refund amt but i want to adjust that refund amount anywhere


hi how can we know and how to caulata pf. caucaltion of diffrent copany how much rate of pf deducted by company which is the best site to know our pf information


is it necessary to use form38 in UP for purchase of goods from outside UP @5%CST Tax


Our business is an international call center. we are selling antivirus which is buying rs 200 & selling Rs 4500.what will be the purchase & sales.& what will be taxation processor to calculate tax


What is commercial tax? and what comes under commercial tax? What are the Provisions relating to it?


Pls.tell me some website name who display practical question & answers of accounting work. like tds, service tax entry and some more. also provide important knowledge of all taxes.


We have got 5 firms. Same partner only running all the firms. Salary is going from one firm. But if we go for PT registration it is asking number of employees. I don't know how to fill the form in online. Any one can help me?


We are a UK company selling electronic s/w licenses to customer in India. We have a PAN Number. Why is TDS being deducted on a product? Why is TDS calculated on the invoice value - surely it is supposed to be on Income and not Turnover? What is the correct TDS % deduction?


how to filing rt-1


What is the WCT percentage under which the amount is being deducted in Punjab. Under what Notification and dated when???????????. Serious Senor I need the answer other wise I would not have posed this question; Please send the answer to the mail address.