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Consider if there is no Test lead, No Test Manager and QA
Manager. If you are the senior test engineer, you are
getting pressure from the client to give the build. But you
see that, there r 5 high and 5 low sevierity bugs. So, what
you will do and how you interact with the client.

Answer Posted / rao

If you found these bugs and logged them before client's
presure,where we have ample time to discover these bugs.In
this case,there is no problem for testers,but the presure
will be on the developers,if he is not fixing the bugs in
time.(This is applicable ,when the client moniters your
daily status).

If you found these bugs and have not logged them before
client's presure,where we have ample time to discover these
bugs.This is the major issue to make convienience them.You
have to convienience him why you missed out those bugs,when
you have plenty of tile to discover with your proper
workarounds and the analasys.In this case,major problem is
for Testers and the developers are cool.

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