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different types of castings

Answer Posted / mms zubeir

The above answers are correct. I would like to add some
details to those.

1. const_cast:- is used to cast away the constness of a

2. static_cast:- is used to cast between two types with the
available static information about the variable. It doesn't
know anything about the run time information. Additionally,
it knows the type and access previledges of the
variables/objects involved in the casting. For example, we
cannot cast a private base.

3. reinterpret_cast:- is used to cast between any pointer
types and the types need not be related. The developer
needs to take care of the correct types to be casted.

4. dynamic_cast:- is used to cast between polymorphic types
only. It allows downcasting and casting between siblings as
well. If the cast fails, it returns a 0/NULL instead of the
pointer to the resultant object incase of success.

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