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which brands HPLC COLUMN available in market

Answer Posted / satheesh kumar

In market,lot of columns are available few of them are
listed below-:

Columns,Bonded Phases Manufacturer

1)Symmetry C18,C8 Waters

2)X-Terra RP18,RP8 Waters

3)Sunfire columns Waters

4)X-Bridge Waters

5)Novapak C18,C8 Waters

6)YMC Pack C18,C8,CN,Silica YMC Japan

7)Phenomenex Gemini C18,LunaC18(2) Phenomenex

8)Zorbax SBC8,SBPhenyl,Eclipse Plus Agilent Technologies

9)Inertsil ODS3V,C8,Phenyl,C4 GL Science Corportn

10)Hypersil BDS C18 C8,Phenyl ThermoScientific

11)Devlosil ODS UG,HG,MG,C8 Nomura Chemical co

12)Kromasil C18,C8,Silica Akzo-Nobel

13)Prontosil C18,C8,Silica Bischoff

14)Nucleosil C18,C8,CN Sigma-Aldrich

15)Zodiac C18,C8,Silica,Phenyl Zodiac Life Sciences

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