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Hi.can any body give me the code for this quesiton
please.Because i dont have to try to enter the code in to
the AS/400 server.Please can anybody give the answer for
this question with complete code?
A smple RPLE pgm which accepts the starting number and
ending number as parameter.It then has to count all the odd
numbers b/w the accepted range of numbers and display the

Ex:if the input parameters are 11 and 30 the result should
be 10(11,13,15,17,19,21,23,25,27,29)

Please explain and give me the complete code?

Answer Posted / arun kumar

D Start S 3S 0
D End S 3S 0
D Count S 3 0
D Temp S 3 0
D Rslt S 3 0
D Rslt1 S 3 0
C *Entry PLIST
C PARM Start
Eval Temp = Start;
Eval Count = Start;
DoW Count <= End;
If %Rem(Temp:2) <> 0;
Rslt1 = Rslt1 + 1; //Number of ODD Numbers
Rslt = Rslt + Temp; //Sum of ODD Numbers
Temp = Temp + 1;
Count += 1;

Dsply Rslt1;
Dsply Rslt;
*InLR = *ON;
C** *InzSR BegSR
C** EndSR

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