1)What is ur project architecture ?
2)how to move project from developement to uat?
3)What is the difference between datastage 6,7.1 and
datasttage 7.5?
4).How to do error handling in datastage?
5)3.Whta is unit testing, system testing and integration
6)What is the Exact difference between BASIC Transformer
and NORMAL Transformer?When we will go for BASIC Or NORMAL

7)why we use third party tools in datastage?
8)What is the purpose of Debugging stages? In real time
Where we will use?

Answer Posted / rajesh

1) bottom up architecture
2)Through ds manager export into local machine from development server in .dsx format and then import into uat server.
4) go to status view in datastage director. we can see errors.
6)Basic transformer:- Compiles in Basic language and takes less time to compile.
Doesn't supports multiple nodes and use in server jobs.
Normal transformer:- compiles in basic language and c++ and takes more time to compile compare to basic transformer.
It is used in parallel jobs and supports nodes.
7)More reliable to support particular process like sheduling ann ata modelling.
eg- autosis, erwin
8) to pick up sample data and to test d job.

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