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copal partner interview question& aptitude question paper

Answer Posted / manisha singh

its tough

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complete the series: a c b d f e g i __


a man buy a liquid by 12 lts and the mixture is of 20% liquid in water then he makes it in 30% mixture then what is the % of liquid with water.


Reversing the digits of father's age we get son's age. One year ago father was twice in age of that of his son? find their current ages?


If two pencils cost 8 cents, then how much do 5 pencils cost?


If POINT + ZERO = ENERGY, then E + N + E + R + G + Y = ?


box 1 cotain odd value X or Y the box 2 =X i.e 7 or 12 box 3= Y has value 19 if X is 7 or 31 if x is 12 get even value X or Y Use any operator steps allowed 3


Three years ago my uncle offered me a used keyboard for Rs. 1024. A year later he offered me the same for Rs. 640 and last year he wanted Rs. 400 and now he is willing to sell it to me for Rs. 250. But I have decided to buy it when he reduces the price next time. If he is constantly reducing its price, at what price will he offer the keyboard to me next?


Sum of slopes of 2 perpendicular st. lines is given. Find the pair of lines from the given set of options which satisfy the above condition?


Financial aptitude


if the radius of the circle is increased by 6% then its area increased by


Name of the cipla medicine product


If 9x-3y=12 and 3x-5y=7 then 6x-2y = ?


I had Rs.100 and I play. If I win I will have Rs110 and if I lose I will have Rs. 90. at the end I have 2 wins and 2 lose. How much do I have?


Find the next letter in the series A,C,F,J,0--


From the below mentioned options choose the number that comes to 15 when divided by 4 and added by 9?