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in job stmt i coded time=(2,30) and in step 1 i coded time=(1,30)
and in step i coded time=(1,30), whch one executes first and
what happens if step1 and step2 time executes and wht about the
remaining time if step and step2 executes

Answer Posted / kittu

According to your question...
1.If the 2 jobs submitted then the job which is submitted
first excutes first.
2.If the jobs are submitted at the same time then os
decides based on the class parameter.
3.If the class parameter are also same then based on the
priority(PRTY) job will executes.
4.If the priority also same then operator cancells both the
jobs after a wait time.
If the region and time specified in both the job & exec
statements then the values specified in job will overwrite
that of Exec statements values.
So job statement coded time will overwrite the step coded

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