How the cable size for a motor is decided

Answer Posted / mithilesh

in Most of above answer every one stating about staring
current, current rating of motor but only one guy stated
about voltage drop of cable.

i think guy who stated about voltage drop,current rating,
power rating of motor( because starting current varies
with Hp rating of motor lower the hp higher the staring
current) his answer is more regionable than others.

from my experince i would say only full load current rating
of motor & voltage drop of motor will be enough to
calculate the cable size because staring current is only
for less time. and all cable has been designed for 2-3
times of rated current for 1 min. this answer will be
perfect for higher rated motor( more than 50hp)

less than 50 hp motor we have take consideration of
sttarting current( because starting current 3-4 times of
full load current).

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