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Question { 11422 }

How to stop PGI?


PGI can be Stopped.
Quality Check implemented in the Material Master The When
the material needs Quality ok through UD(usage Decision)

Path-Material master (mm02)->quality management->
inspection setup.

This can be done through QM module or user exit.

Delivery Creation can be Blocked from sales order.
1. Delivery Block In VOV8
2. Credit Limit Block. Through Static or Dynamic credit
check (Credit Management).
3. Status Group - Not Approved. Status Profile in BS02
create than assign it in VOV8 order Type.
4. User Exit

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Question { TCS, 3379 }

What is dependancy editor and what is the T-Code used in
the process?


Dependancy editor is used in Variant Configuration for
T Code is CU01- Create, CU02 to Edit.

It work for KMAT-configurable material type.

For Further clearification please contact.
9971844587 (Chandrakant Jain SAP SD)

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Question { IBM, 4409 }

Hi Experts,
The sales order is raised for 4 items and these items will be having the
payment terms i,e for 30 days the company gives 2 % discount but i want to
increase the credit validity period of that particular 4 th line item only for 45
days i,e the grace period for that particular line item will be incresed to 45
days with same 2% discount ,can any one suggest me how could it can be
Thank q


You can also use .
for 4th line item
Goto-Item Data->Billing tab-> add val days->enter 15 here

when you post then invoice for the 4th line item you can
see in g/l base line date is 15 days further then current
doc date/posting date. so your 4th line item data will due
after 45 days.

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Question { 3127 }

Clients Requirement is close the sales order after certain
No. of deliveries means close it even if not fully delivered


You can set the maximum number of partial deliveries at the
order line. (Field VBAP-ANTLF) on shipping tab. Use this
with partial delivery indicator value blank = Partial
delivery allowed.
You can default this from the customer master (shipping
view of ship-to customer).
You should also then use customizing ten OVM1 to set the
behavior for error message VL065 "The number of partial
deliveries n has been reached". If your customer does not
want any more deliveries than those specified in the
maximum partial deliveries then set message VL065 to "E"

To close the sales order (Reason for Rejection) with Error
code VL065 you should use the user exit or Z program.

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Question { 11187 }

I want customer's ordering quantity should be not less than
10 and delivery quantity not less than 4.
So how can I configure this??


As per above setting.
T.Code MM02

But if these are giving warning message.

To make warning to error message for minimum order quantity.

1. T.code : OVAH
2. Select error code V4,082,W To V4,082,E.
3. Save.

To make warning to error message for minimum Delivery

1. T.code : 0VLP (it is zero not O)
2. Select Your Item Category in sale order.
3. Double Click on it.
4. In Quantity Block
5. Check minimum qty A (Warning)Note about the situation
to B (Error) Situation rejected with an error

Now test this with sales order.

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Question { 2236 }

while creating customers, difference between 2 customer serial
number is more that what is being defined in number range


3. in Customize Settings block see

Number range transaction = XDN1
Main memory buffering = tick
No. of numbers in buffer = interval value (Responsible)

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Question { 2334 }

When we include a new customer, we have to maintain
condition record every time or there is a process by which
we can validate the condition record to that new customer
belonging to the same sales area or can copy the cond.
records belonging to same company code?


You should create a new access sequence for the condition
types and add them to condition types

Create access sequence table from copy of another table
with new 3 digit number
Run Tcode : V/03
create table add fields : Sales org, Plant, Distribution
Channel, Division, material.
Save table
Then add this access Sequence to all the condition type
access sequence v/07.

Find all the access sequence from v/06-> Condition (Suppose
PR00 )->Access Sequence.

Run T Code:V/07 add this table in access sequence of all
the condition type access sequences at the higher level

then maintain conditions on this access sequence.

But be sure for one sales
prices should be same for all customers.

for details contact me.

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Question { Netafim, 8836 }

What is meaning of Pricing Date in Sales Order?


On the Header we system shows the pricing date.
It is a date from which it picks up the the pricing
condition maintained in the masters through vk11-vk13.
Suppose if we maintained PR00 and JCST conditon through
vk11 with validity date from current date to end date.
and make a sales order pricing date to current date which
have a pricing procedure with the PR00 and JCST with that
material it will automatically pickup the conditions from
master . we can manually change the pricing date in VA02
and the Update the pricing to Back date by update button on
the header or item condition button though 'B' Updte new
pricing options.
So we can say pricing date is resposible for pricing pickup
date from price (Condition) masters.

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Question { 4577 }

after pgi what are the documents will be genererated?


After PGI (Post Goods Issue) Picking Request Document with
Number and GD (Goods Issue document) Generated with
Accounting Document Attached with it. entry can be
INVERTORY VS COGS(Cost of Goods Sold)

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Question { iGate, 3833 }

after billing what are the documents will be generated?


After Billing Accounting documents (as per setting in
Account Determination) one for commercial invoice and if
Excise invoice involved one for excise invoice, Controlling
documents and Profitability documents generated

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Question { iGate, 3833 }

after billing what are the documents will be generated?


after billing accounting documents (As per set ing account
determination of billing type) ,controlling documents and
profitablity document generated.

but for proforma invoices (BILLING) no documents generated.

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Question { 3539 }

where we will maintain loading dates and transportation dayes?


Lodaing dates can change manually in Deliveries VL01N,
VL02n, Header-Loading.

Loading days depends on the materials in every material
Sales General-Plant View-> Shipping Data (times in days)-
>setup time can be setup according to loading group.

for spro you can check.
IMG-> Sales and Dist > Basic Functions > Availabilty Check
& Transfer of Requirement > Availabilty Check >
Availabilty Check with ATP logic

for planned delivery you can set IN material master ->MRP2
View-Scheduling-> Planned Deliv. Time ---- days
for repl. delivery MRP3-> Avalibility check Tot. repl. lead
time ---- days

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Question { 3895 }

Hi All
In an interview i was asked - Credit management is active
for a company. And credit limit is activated for a customer
in Fd32 for Rs500000. There are two sales document types
e.g Zor & Zor1 (credit is active for both).Customer has
crossed credit limit. Now Business wants that any credit
consumed by sales orders of document type Zor1 in last 3
months be ignored and the system should allow document
type "zor' to raise sales for the customer. Pls answer how
it will happen without changing the credit management IMG
settings.By releasing sales order of document type Zor was
rejected by the interviewer.Requesting dear members to have
an answeer.. Satya Jena


you can change previous order form Zor1 to zor by
activating the alternative order type in VOV8

Goto VOV8
Select Order Type ZOR1 and in Below Alt.sales doc. type1
Enter ZOR.
then Save it.

Then open Previous order with ZOR1 order type and See near
delivery date you have alternative options to change order
type here u can chage ZOR1 order type to ZOR.

Second. Option
Close the Previous Orders with Reason for Rejection and
they will release the Credit limit.
and then create new orders with type with ZOR1 to ZOR.

Think This will help.

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Question { Accenture, 5653 }

Hi all, suppose by using Order Combination I have more then
one order nos. then I want to create one delivery for those
multiple orders. How can I enter multiple order nos. in
vl01n screen. please reply as soon as possible. Thanks


supposes u have two orders of same party and details with
different materials only from same shipping point.
Order no = 1
ITEM A = 100 PCS
Order no = 2
ITEM B = 200 PCS
Both are confirmed for delivery
U wants to make one delivery with order combination.
1. Go to VL01N
2. Enter Shipping point
3. Then Order no 1
4. Then Press enter it will take you to the next screen
with item A = 100 PCS
5. Then go to the outbound delivery menu-> Delivery Sales
6. A window will open enter order no 2 there
7. Then press enter it will add the item B in the Delivery
with 200 PCS
8. Then after putting all the data u can save the delivery

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Question { IBM, 3772 }

How data collected from client side before implementing the


Through AS-IS study at client side with Questionaire we
understand the business process and data collected about
Requirement of masters for that particular business and
flow charts of Bussiness process to Map into SAP.

to data can be easily collected from legacy system.

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