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what is the procedure of aschheim-zondec test?


It is a pregnancy test.This involves injecting urine or an
alcoholic precipitate o urine from a woman into immature
female rats.urine from pregnant woman containing HCG factor
will cause rupture of ovarian follicles within 48 hours.

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Question { 3248 }

what is meant by panhypopituitarism?


Insufficient secretion of pituitary hormones causes this
It is caused because of the destruction of gland, thus
leading to cessation of all hypophyseal functions.

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Question { 3831 }

What are antibodies?


Antibodies are substances that help the animals to combat
with the invading bacteria and viruses.Theyare producedby
white bloodcells especially,lymphocytes and monocytes.

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Question { 7987 }

what is meant by Shine-Dalgarno sequence in protein


For the production of 30s initiation complex the 3 terminal
region of 16 s rna component of 30s ribosomal subunit is the
binding site for has a pyrimidine rich hydrogen
bonds with a complementary sequence of purine rich region on
the 5'side.
T his purine rich region consisting of 4-9 residues upstream
from aug codon on m-rna is called shine-dalgarno sequence.

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Question { Aurobindo, 5436 }

what is the important source for drug diosgenin?


Balanites roxburghii,a wlid tree growing in rajasthan
deserts is an important source of drug diosgenin.
It is an imp ingredient of the contraceptive pill and
steroidal hormones particularly testosterone.Roots of this
plant contains 1% diosgenin.

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