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Question { EXL, 162123 }

if u win 1 crore rupees what will u do ?


i use this money for ; (1)25% used for charity (2)25%used
for purchasing new products like car,bike,house&land(3)25%
provide my famaly frends&nibers(4)25% deposited to bank

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Question { Logica CMG, 11573 }

Explain BVA and ECP?


Boundary value Analysis (BVA): BVA is different from
equivalence partitioning in that it focuses on “corner
cases” or values that are usually out of range as defined by
the specification. This means that if function expects all
values in range of negative 100 to positive 1000, test
inputs would include negative 101 and positive 1001. BVA
attempts to derive that value often used as a technique for
stress load or volume testing. This type of validation is
usually performed after positive functional validation has
completed successfully using requirements specifications and
user documentation. Equivalence Partitioning: An approach
where classes of inputs categorized for product or function
validation. This usually does not include combinations of
input, but rather a single state value based by class. For
example, with a given function there may be several classes
of input that may be used for positive testing. If function
expects an integer and receives an integer as input, this
would be considered as positive test assertion. On the other
hand, if a character or any other input class other than
integer is provided, this would be considered a negative
test assertion or condition

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Question { 7805 }

!.why do you go for white box testing ,when black box
testing is available ?


White box testing:
this will be done Developer, where we ll check the internal
structure(code) of the application.

Black Box tesing:
This will done by the tester, where we ll check the
functionality of the application.

So y we ll go for White box testing means..
there may be some leakages in Black box testing as we are
just ches=cking in the UI,so we ll go for White box

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Question { 5886 }

What is CRD and SRD file


CRD stands for Change Request Document.where the
enhancements of the project will be added

SRD stands for Service Request Document

This document captures information about a specific system
enhancement or
a bug fix. It is used to track changes made to an existing

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