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Question { Zycus Infotech, 10394 }

There is a web portal that has been tested and working
properly. Now a new module called as the "online shopping
module" had been added. Ther are two search pages , a
normal search and an advanced search page. You are
responsible for only these two modules for testing
1) Write the scope for testing
2)High level test scenarios
3)Test case for one high level test scenario
4) Assumptions while writing the test case
5) Questions that u might need to ask as a QA to test the
NOTE- the requiremnts wont be given. One has to assume the
Please tell me how to test a search page and also please
help me answer the above questions


1. Scope :- User tries to search for some product ..if
product is available in the database it should be displayed
in Result Page else not.
Multiple Product Search can be made with commas
Giving Wild card
Blank Search
Product in quotes specifying particular object

2. High Level Test Scenarios :- Based on Scope itself

3. User should be able to give multiple products as comma
separated entry and on hitting Search button relative search
must be made and if at all mentioned products are available
, result page must list them

4. Invalid characters are not accepted (special characters)
If at all , special characters are the part of the
product name , they are handled carefully

5. How many results must be displayed in the page
Will there be any link provided to view the searched product
Can user add some product in Shopping Cart
Can User export the list of Result displayed in some .xls
If there are more than 1 product with some particular
search , how the result set will be displayed
Listing in tabular form ??

I think this should help

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