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Question { 6308 }

How to write simple test cases?


while writting the test cases one has to follow the
following things:

1.Test case should be very simple,easy to
understand,according to the Requirement,Possible

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Question { 4800 }

What is the difference between re testing and regression testing?


Retesting means testing the same functionlity again and
again with different sets of data to make sure that
functionality is working fine.

Regression testing means testing the already tested

we can say Retesting starts from first build and restting
may start after first build

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Question { Calsoft, 4610 }

In bug life cycle after closing the bug status at last
stage again where you start


I am assuming this answer.Please correct me if i am
wrong.Right now the bug is in closed status .after some
releases that bug functionality again disturbed while
fixing the other issues. so now test engineer keep the bug
status as "REOPEN"

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Question { 2724 }

can anybody pls tell me that what type of interaction takes
place or what type of discussions or questions take place
between a tester and client regarding the project.


Whenever client is unable to express their requiremnt
clerly,test engineer can suggest the functionality with
their experience.They can tell how best they have done the
testing.they can discuss about their test reports

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