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What is Orphan links ?

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Question { Covansys, 29800 }

What are the documents required to prepare test plan?


Test plan:

1. What to test(functional & non functional)
2. How to test(test stategy & approach)
3. When to test(Schedules,Dead lines & other delivery dates)
4. Who to test(Resources and their responsibilities)
5. When to stop testing(criterias)

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Question { 10340 }

What is meant by system testing?


After finishing of integration testing system testing will
System testing is the combination of Functional & Non
functional testings.

Functional testing: Testing the application functionality
against functional specifications provided by the client

Unit Testing
Smoke testing / Sanity testing
Integration Testing (Top Down,Bottom up Testing)
Interface & Usability Testing
Regression Testing
Pre User Acceptance Testing(Alpha & Beta)
User Acceptance Testing
White Box & Black Box Testing

Non-Functional Testing: Testing the application against
client's and performance requirement.
Non-Functional Testing covers:

Load and Performance Testing
Stress & Volume Testing
Compatibility & Migration Testing
Data Conversion Testing
Installation Testing
Security Testing (ApplicationSecurity, Network Security,
System Security)

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Question { 7053 }

What is Retesting?


Retesting means confirmation testing, whether reported
defect fixed properly or not. that is called retesting.

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Question { 19991 }

How to write a test case for traffic signal?


i too agree with Vishnuvardhanreddy

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Question { HBS, 8065 }

Suppose You are a Test Lead in your company. The dead line
of project is next week.But the product have only 50
percent defect free.How you handle this situation?


In this case, i preffer Risk Based Testing.
Major defects- 100% coverage
Medium defects- 80% coverage.

if possible it would be better to share the information
with stake holders.

Let me correct if i am wrong...

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Question { 20507 }

Can anyone please explain me abt the IVR speech Testing,iam
having an interview on that,what type of questions to be


IVR : Interactive Voice Response
1) Are all of the IVR phone key paths fully functional? Is
the user directed to the proper response when a phone key
response is entered?
2)If the user hits the wrong phone key, how does the IVR
respond? Is the error message played to the user
sufficiently clear and does the user know how to proceed?
3)Does the text to speech converter work properly with the
supplied information retrieved? How does the converter
respond under heavy usage?

all the Best...

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Question { 10928 }

What is the purpose of QTP in Manual Testing?



Manual Testing and Automation Testing(QTP) both are
different. We are using automation tools for reusability of
actions with multiple Data.

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Question { 16917 }

At what stage of the development cycle software errors are
least costly to correct?


Testing requires in every stage of development life cycle.
Fixing the defects in early stages is less costly..

Finding defects at Requirements gathering stages is very
useful and fixing is less costly.

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Question { 5017 }

U have a Scenario and there is box to enter values from 0
to 1000. Now what is the Test data u will test? What are
the positive and negative test cases? How will U use
Equivalence class Partition ?


Positive & Negative ECP are :


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Question { 4044 }

Hi, I have almost completed 5 years in manual testing and
now want to switch over or explore something new in
testing. Friends, can you post me your sugesstions?


Hi, Congrates for completion of 5 years in software
testing. it would be better to learn Different types of
testing like Pega Testing, Agile Testing and etc...
Concentrate more on Testing Process, it would be better to
find new testing process and methods instead of following
others. All the Best friend..

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Question { 3879 }

What is Orphan links ?


Thanks Nithya...

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