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What is the IIS, and why we use it?

1 Scripts Errors 3463

Whether from one system to another we are able to share the Data? Whether Antivirus helps the system to keep it safe from Virus? Why you consider yourself suitable for this post? Why you want to join in this company? And what made you to apply for this job? State with Reason What you think is best for your department? A)Strict Discipline B)Family Atmosphere C)Work as Team in Department Are you to relocate yourself to any site or Office as required by Company?


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What is WINS server? where we use WINS server? difference
between DNS and WINS?


WINS is windows internet name service who is use for
resolved the NetBIOS(computer name)name to IP address.This
is proprietary for Windows.You can use in LAN.
DNS is a Domain Naming System, which resolves Host names to
IP addresses. It uses fully qualified domain names. DNS is
an Internet standard used to resolve host names

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i face a big prob in ms outlook 2k3 when i send a mail to
others person but when go to sent itms there not show cc &
To format whats prob how to trouble it?Plz reply hurry



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