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Can anyone(who selected in writen exam)please post, how you are prepared for the exam?Is there are tips for solving problems...?How many marks you got in the exam(which is helpful people to give importance to the subject)...... This is very help full to the next prepare people to get success in bank exams?


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Anyone got Andhra Bank Hall ticket or any mail from Andhrabank?

Andhra Bank,

2 BSRB Clerical 3318

In the EPFO (employee provident fund org.) exam,Office work Aptitude is one the section in the written examination. What is Office Work Aptitude?what type Questions will ask in this section.Please clarify.............

Airtel, EPFO, SSA, Wipro,

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Question { State Bank Of India SBI, 149583 }

could u tell good coaching centre for bank exams in hyderabad



Still there is a confusion regarding coaching
centers ...please suggest best one...

I think , the coaching centers are charging 4000-4700 for 2
hours / 3 hours.....

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Question { Selvam, 104354 }

How to prepare for Group-2 Exams (in future)?
Which materials are used to study?


Thanks somasekhar

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Question { 4416 }

Hi, I am working as Software Engineer.But my aim is to get
any govt. employee.Is it possible to reach that
position.Because these two fields are exactly opposite to
eachoher.So i am asking this Question?


Hi Anil Varman,I am not insulting any IT employee. Before IT
came there is only govt jobs.Yes,U r right.
Why do we compramise?
If we have talent then you go for ur choice.
If you not succed in ur life then u or me compramise.

Thanks for ur advise.
I think what ever we like we must try on that.

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Question { 13697 }

Comment on the written test of SBI associate banks
clerical held on 01.03.2009



The written exam of SBI is good.Really time is the biggest
factor which i have faced.


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Question { State Bank Of India SBI, 7780 }

When can we expect the result of sbi clerical exam held on
nov 2009


As per pervious exam results , SBI will take at least 2
months period to announce the results.....

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