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Assume that a file’s permissions give you read and write access. What operations can you perform on the file if it is in a directory which has “r”(read) only process? What operations can you perform on the file if it is in a directory which has “x”(execute) only access?

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When the shell is reading the command line what is the difference between text enclosed between double quotes ( ” ) and text enclosed between signal quotes ( ’ )?

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The rm command removes links to file. What does this mean? How then is a file deleted from the file system?

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Assume the following files are in the working directory prompt> ls -l tasks -rw-r--r-- 1 alex student 1423 Feb 21 14:01 tasks What command can Alex use to give everyone permission to write to the file? What will the ls -l command display if he does so?


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Plot the pixel histogram( take any image) – count of values versus pixel intensity 0 to 255. You must write this from first principles – do not use the MATLAB hist command (although you may use it for comparison and checking your algorithm’s correctness). Plot the cumulative histogram. Do not use the cumsum function in MATLAB (write your own function to achieve this).

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Write a grep (or grep) command that selects the lines from a file that have exactly three characters.

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What is an Environment Variable?


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how do u use sequence created in oracle in informatica?
Explain with an simple example


by writing sql override in the source qualifier by calling
sequence which you have created in oracle

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