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Reply / sirisha

recovery testing means how our application software
recovers from abnormalities , means application crashes and

recovery testing on tv means how our television recovers
from abnormalities like improper power supply ,voltage

Reply / k.chandra sekhar

a) The recovery testing is nothing but any unexpected
problem come to the current time then the system that over
come to coming to the normal stage is called recovery
b) In other words the system abnormal stage to normal
stage convert the system is called the recovery testing.
c) Ok in the above ex TV
d) TV power supply is not correct then with help of
steplagier TV come to the normal stage.
e) Some whether problems
f) Some cable problems
g) Some internal problems
h) Some external problems
i) And so on this type problems some times TV with in
seconds come to normal stage.

Reply / venkat

how well the system recovers the data from abnormal
situations and system crashes

Reply / k.chandra sekhar

During this test, test engineers validate whether
the application build change from abnormal stage and normal

Reply / nitin verma

In the Recovery testing we force the software to fail over
and check whether it is able to recover through the database.

Reply / manasa

Evaluates the contingency features are built in the
application for handling interruptions and to return to
specific check points. This test also assures that disaster
recovery if possible.

Reply / sushma

Recovery testing means, checking the application whether it
is recovering properfly from the system failure.

Reply / ravinder

when ever an error occures the application is recover from
error properly and run remaining functionality properly

Reply / jayshri

Recovery Testing : Testing how well a system recovers from
crashes,hardware failures or other problem.

Reply / naresh

RECOVERY TESTING IS the system information that is software
applications are any important data are hard disk failure
are system crashes that information will be recover.

most of the company's are file based recovery is using

Reply / naren

Recovery Testing:If the system crashes then then change the
hard disk to the different system and it should be a
recovery from the hard disk and apply the recoverry senarios

Reply / abhi

How far the system recover the data from crash or Disaster is
called as an recovery testing
while carrying out the testing it records the actions followed
before application goes to the crash

Reply / mohan

recovery testing is a process of checking how does the system
is handling unexpected and unpredictable situations like power
failure and system crashes etc and also checking backup and
restore options

Reply / girish chandra mishra

First of all Recovery testing comes under System testing
again its a part of non-functional testing. This is a type
of testing where a tester checks how well the system
recovers from abnormalities (hardware failure,current supply
fluctuation, out damaging substance, sometimes buffer
overflow, system crashes,virus affected, errors).

Recovery testing gives the application to work more as usual
manner with producing efficient behavior. It generally
performed whenever the application running through the above

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