What items of information about a task might be useful in
real time scheduling?

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What are the major differences between Thread and Process?

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What are the different types of scheduling algorithms?

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Explain the popular multiprocessor thread-scheduling strategies.

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hello, I want a chart which compare all scheduling algorithm performance. I want to know even they act better for I/O bound process or CPU bound process. please guide me how can I recognize the difference of scheduling algorithm? please send me the answer to : moradisomayeh@gmail.com

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What is the difference between chkdsk r and f?

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What do you understand by multi-threading and multi-tasking?

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What are device drivers in os?

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How much ram do I need?

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What is multi tasking, multi programming, multi threading?

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How do I find the path of a shared folder?

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Can you tell what a device is by mac address?

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What are read-write locks?

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