Define frieze?

Define frieze?..

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A broad horizontal band of sculpted or painted decoration, especially on a wall near the ceiling

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Hi i am going to attend Deputy Architect interview in Telecommunication Dept. through UPSC I dont know the type of questions they will ask. I will be very thankful if anyone could help me. Please send to my email-id Please any one have experience of some other Dept., please reply me. my interview in on 10th of Nov. only 5 days left. please help.

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I have 14 diffrent shape can I use this in architructure design??

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What personal quality is important to be an architect?

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Is there any structure that you've been in that it was difficult to leave?

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How is BP in CRM synchronised with R/3? What r all the steps involved?can we do the partner determination based on SALES AREAS?

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what so you want to work?

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Iam an architecture student doing research about the vernacular architecture of the indian temples as well as that of domestic japan, please send me information as soon as possible.

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details about telephone wiring

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Is there a particular architect or specific building that you admire?

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what is the difference between the working drawing and the shop drawing plz answer me

2 Answers   BNCA,

what is Byzantine Architecture?

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what is the design architecture of cognos8?

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