What is seo?

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When U want to send data from PCI (which connected to through Router) to second PC2 (which connected to router 2). Now I would like to know that what would do router for sending data

1 Answers   V Angelz Technologies,

Difference between form of a word and its function.

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what are the features that 3G mobile contains apart frm normal one ? or what are the unique features of 3G mobile ? is it same as normal set in working ?

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plz guide & send me sbi bank & svc bank clearical exam pattern & study materials on my email id balkrishna02@yahoo.com

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What is the difference between subjective and objective career?

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Any one got call letter or format for medical check up from associate banks of SBI (SBM ,TamilNadu)?????

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I want to restrict only Internet (HTTP - port 80)from particular machine in LAN using access-list command.

0 Answers   Lear Corporation,


6 Answers   Cushman Wakefield,

how do a person know which answer is grammartically and theorytically perfect answer?

0 Answers   BPO,

I have so many scripts in local. now i want to convert into the share repositery. how can i do that?

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international  resume format

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arrange tese alphabets into 3 words FTOGUNIROUIYWA?

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