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Answer / jay kay

Union Public Service Commission(UPSC) is an organisation
which conducts examinations for various Central Government
posts mostly at graduate level. Civil Services is the top
most examination conducted by UPSC for posts like IAS, IPS,
IFS, IRS, etc.

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Answer / sagar mamodiya

if you want to go in railway service for the post of
computer science engineer then in this case upsc is the
best option,since by the help of ies exam you can get the
top level services in india.

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hi frnds, can anybody help me with the revised syllabus for group 1 and 2 for the exams to be conducted in 2010 and also the month in which it will be conducted...thank u

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hai..anil this is shruthi once again thanks giving me a more information ..all the best..byeeeeeee

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Guys! how did you write the APPSC -1 today, was that tough or easy or moderate, share this to everyone?

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can u please tell me the last date for group 1 application form..

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Who was the first woman to become a minister in the Union Cabinet of India

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why vb is called event driven programming language?

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Can 3rd students can attend the group 1 exams..?

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can a final year who can pass out on 2010 can right group 1 exam

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Hi. I am a Group 1 aspirant and I need some information regarding the exam but I cant get it anywhere. All of you must have come across the controversy regarding the implementation of reservation in Group 1 prelims. Well the High Court verdict was out on 23rd july. and the APPSC chairman discussed it with the Chief Minister and was advised to consult the Advocate General. In the press meet the Chairman of APPSC said that he was going to write a letter enclosing all the details of the previous court judgements regarding reservations in Prelims of Group I today that is 25th july. And he still said that the exams will be conducted on schedule. I really dont understand this. The Advocate General might take 2 days before he comes to the decision of either going with the court verdict or going against it. If he suggests that APPSC should go with it, then the exams will be postponed because they have to give the fresh candidates a few days before conducting the exams. If they choose to override the judgement then the petitioners will get a stay order from the high court and move on to supreme court where I think it will drag on for months. But the APPSC chairman was bent upon carrying the exams on schedule and said that they decided to go to Supreme Court for a quick solution in this regard. And he said that before discussing it with the Chief Minister. Yeah thats the story. I really dont think the exams will be on schedule but they say that they will be and I am totally confused. Go with my current preparation or assume that there will be a stay order. I could really use more time and I wish there will be a stay order. And why is nobody talking about it anywhere on the internet. I couldn't find anything anywhere about this controversy. I need all of your opinions and will be grateful for them. GOOD LUCK with the exam. Thank You.

2 Answers   APPSC,

which is the best coaching centre for appsc group 1 prelims

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how many days of gap will be there from prelims to main examination and from mains to interview?

2 Answers   UPSC,

can u provide group 1 expected questions and answer by subjectwise

2 Answers   Aurobindo, Satyam,