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Hi all,

Which is the best material for Group1 Prelims in English
medium? Where can i find the same?
Any pointers?
Your help will be appreciated

Thanks in advance,

Hi all, Which is the best material for Group1 Prelims in English medium? Where can i find the s..

Answer / n. vijaya lakshmi

The best Material for Prelims is undoubtedly "TMH General
Studies for UPSC". Dont let the size of the book bother
you! Its written for UPSC Prelims but there isn't any
difference between Prelims conducted by UPSC and APPSC.

For Mains Postal material - visit or
call 9291596680

For free online material - visit

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hai this is gopi,i have written group-1 main's in aug-2008.can any body know when will the results of main's will be announced.Atlease when will be the reserved judgment of supreme count will dispose.plz help me.

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Please give NAMES and PHONE NUMBERS OF coaching centers for GROUP 1 exam in HYDERABAD ? thank you.

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can any one tell me the categories n group-1 of appsc plz

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I didnot received APPSC GROUP I Hall ticket by post how can i get hall ticket 1)e Seva, 2) Through net 3) other source

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TO ALL THOSE EXPERIENCED IN GROUP 1 EXAM Hi, Can anyone tell me approximately how much time gap APPSC would give for Prelims exam once the last date of application form submission is over? One more query: Can anyone tell what would be generally the time gap between prelims and mains? Kindly answer me. I just have applied for Group 1 exam and the application submission ends 1st Sep 2009.

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give details how to apply exam fee and everything to achieve it

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Dear all, when is the APPSC Group 1 exam prelims? I heard it is on 20th April 2008, is it true? If yes,then i havent received any hall ticket yet? Kindly answer thank you all. God bless you all and wish you all the best!!

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Guys! how did you write the APPSC -1 today, was that tough or easy or moderate, share this to everyone?

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hai this is shruthi ...thank u vishnuvardhan sir for giving an information...

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Hi All, I am working in an organisation where i hardly get time, I want to prepare for GROUP 1 without quiting my job since i am poor and in need of money. How do I prepare myself while iam working. Please help . Is it very tough to prepare for Groups??

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